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Special Town Meeting
March 23, 2004

The Carlisle Board of Selectmen has called a Special Town Meeting for Tuesday, March 23, 2004. Citizens will be asked to approve the purchase of 45 acres of land on South Street from the Benfield family to be used for recreation, affordable housing, and conservation. According to the Warrant the $2 million purchase would be financed entirely using Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds, collected as a 2% surcharge on property taxes and matched by the state.

Links to articles relating to the Benfield land purchase, and other issues that may appear on the Warrant, are shown below:

01/09/04   Carlisle’s first CPA project?
01/16/04   Selectmen support CPA land purchase
01/16/04   Town has opportunity to buy 45 acres off West Street
01/16/04   map of Benfield land
01/23/04   CPA Committee reviews Benfield land option
01/23/04   One family can make a big difference (Editorial)
01/30/04   Town boards look at Benfield land purchase proposal
02/06/04   CPC supports Benfield land acquisition, urges further planning
02/06/04   FinCom probes land financing, development costs, specific uses
02/06/04   Finally, affordable housing has a chance (Editorial)
02/06/04   Stewards of the land (Forum)
02/06/04   What are the CPA and CPC?
02/13/04   Town rushes toward March 23 TM Do you understand the proposals, implications, processes?
02/13/04   FinCom proposes alternative financing plan for Parcel A
02/13/04   CPA Committee hears many opinions on Parcel A motion
02/27/04   Selectmen accept broad wording for Parcel A use
02/27/04   Parcel A abutters express concerns
03/12/04   Q&As about the purchase of the Benfield Parcel A
03/12/04   Land purchase motion for TM
03/12/04    How real is the 40B threat? (Editorial)
03/12/04   FinCom presents financing options for Benfield Parcel A
03/12/04   Can the town afford Parcel A?
03/12/04   ConsCom and friends discuss Parcel A over coffee
03/19/04   Selectmen sign P&S for Benfield Parcel A
03/19/04   Summary of the motions for Town Meeting on March 23
03/19/04   Town Meeting motion for acquisition of Benfield Parcel A

Draft motions for Town Meeting:
Motion 3-10
Motion 3-16

more maps:
Site Location on USGS Topo Map [pdf]
Surface and Geological Features [jpg]
ANR_Plan_Build-Out (jpg)
Conceptual_Cluster_Development (jpg)

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