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Friday, December 17, 2004


Early this summer my wife Annette and I were honored to be selected as delegates from Massachusetts to the Slow Foods' Terre Madre conference on farming and food. About 5,000 small producers from all over the world (every corner, in fact) gathered in Turin, Italy for four days in mid-October to talk about what we love doing — food production and education. ...more

Hip hop, jazz, ballet and Latin dance all were on exhibit at the CCHS dance performance, "A Choreographers Workshop," sponsored by the CCHS Dance Club and CCPOPS on December 3. The 21 student dancers provided a lively evening performance that was choreographed by CCHS students and directed by Dora Golding. Dancers of all abilities and experience ...more

For those who relish the festive bustle of December, holiday preparations can take all kinds of forms: some of us shop, some bake, some follow more spiritual pursuits. All around Carlisle are families who greet the holiday season by breaking out the glitter and the glue guns. Daunted by my own quest for a crafts project that I could turn into a family tradition, ...more

Taking tea is a Chinese custom dating back 5,000 years. The first tea in America came to Dutch colonists in New Amsterdam (later New York) by way of Peter Stuyvesant in about 1650. Tea was available in England perhaps as early as 1652 and quickly became England's most popular drink. The Duchess of Bedford is credited with starting the afternoon tea craze in ...more

Name: Polystichum acrostichoides or Christmas Fern. The genus name comes from the Greek polys meaning "many" and stichos meaning "row". It refers to the rows of fruitdots or sori on the underside of the fertile leaflets. It is a large genus with over 225 species worldwide. Only two species occur in our area. ...more

In 1969, with the Bicentennial on the horizon, the Carlisle Colonial Minutemen, with the cooperation of the Selectmen, began to explore the idea of redesigning the town seal. With interest in local history at its peak, other nearby communities had made the decision to redesign their seals to "tell the story of the town." A new seal might better reflect ...more

Lily happily runs off with her playgroup three times a week. She and her pals — Zander, Natasha and Kayla — romp for an hour in various Carlisle woods with their caretaker Lee. ...more

According to the State Fire Marshal there were 665 fire incidents involving solid fuel appliances, fireplaces, and chimneys in Massachusetts during 2003. These fires were responsible for 20 injuries, 1 death and resulted in $3.2 million in property losses. These incidents make up 45% of all fires linked to heating systems. In Carlisle there are usually 12 ...more

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