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Friday, December 17, 2004


Benfield Task Force considers housing, rec field placement

Carrying satellite photos of the Benfield Land overlaid with a footprint of the affordable housing and playing field, architect John Winslow returned to Carlisle for the December 10 meeting. The satellite photos, while not precise, offered a good look at how much woodland would remain around the tightly clustered field and housing units.

Task force members were joined by Karen Rigg and Steffi Samman, abutters from South Street and Fifty Acre Way, who scrutinized the photos.

Task force members agreed to meet on December 21 for one more round. On the basis of the designs selected at this next meeting, Winslow and housing consultant Toby Kramer will begin assembling cost estimates, funding sources, and detailed architectural renderings for two alternatives.

All this material will be summarized and presented to the town early in the new year for feedback and discussion.

"Ceremonial landscapes"

After the architectural discussion concluded, Doug Harris, Deputy Narragansett Tribal Historic Representative, gave a presentation of the tribal policy and the history of "ceremonial landscapes." According to Harris, there was a long-ago relationship between the colonial farmers and the Indians that led to the preservation of many of these areas. The tribes would like to continue that preservation today by building partnerships with towns. Harris will return to the December 21 meeting with a report that will comment on the significance of the Benfield landscape.

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