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Friday, December 17, 2004


CCHS receives $14,800 grant for new technology

The Concord Education Fund recently granted $14,800 to Concord Carlisle High School for the acquisition and installation of two "active" boards and the necessary training, the latest research-based technological tool available to schools. The grant covered all materials, wiring and installation costs, as well as a full day's training last summer for twenty CCHS teachers on how to operate this system.

The original idea for the grant was brought to the system by Terry Duggan, former K -12 Coordinator of Information Technology. In the grant proposal, the applicants outlined their request to outfit one classroom in the science, math, English, and foreign languages' departments at CCHS with active board technology. The grant application stated that, "This technology requires a computer, a projector and the whiteboard itself. The computer is connected to the ceiling-mounted projector and whiteboard, and the projector displays the computer screen image on the board. As one points at active elements on the board, using a finger or the electronic 'pen' as a mouse, the action is transmitted to the computer."

According to Ray Pavlik, CCHS's Science Department chairman, active boards give teachers better access to materials such as online data and allows them a better presentation of this material to their classes. In mathematics teachers can more easily demonstrate geometric shapes and properties. Students can manipulate lines and angles to test different hypothesis, or replay steps involved in the processes for solving problems. Foreign language students can view web sites focusing on art, literature, or news as a class, or participate in interactive grammar exercises together. A teacher can assist students in locating Internet data for homework and projects.

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