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Friday, December 10, 2004


When Police Chief David Galvin graduated from Suffolk University in the early 1970s, he had a few solid assumptions about his future. He planned to join the FBI. He was certain he did not want to make a career of small-town police work. And he considered himself a confirmed bachelor. ...more

Fiddlers Green by Van Reid ...more

Sanguine about this year's heightened competition for holiday audiences, Boston Ballet's Artistic Director Mikko Nissenen said, "Bring it on!" For years, audiences filled the Wang Center for the run of The Nutcracker, providing the company with 30% of its operating budget. Boston's Christmas traditions also included Christmas with the [Boston] ...more

As we embark on this season of good cheer between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, certain recipes and cravings pop into my head. I find myself making some of these favorite dishes year after year. ...more

A few months ago, four talented students at Concord-Carlisle High School presented the first (at least in recent memory) male-only production, the musical Forever Plaid. Now, it's the girls' turn. The play Steel Magnolias, featuring eight young women and directed by music and theater teacher Chuck Brown, will open in the Little Theater ...more

Water bears are tiny creatures that can be seen only with a microscope but they are so strange I couldn't resist telling their story. I had never heard of them until Tom Brownrigg drew my attention to a Mass Wildlife article on Red Oak Lichens (Journal No. 3, 2003). The lichens were interesting but the article included a page about water bears that live on, ...more

If you visit the Gleason Library in December, you may find yourself thinking about a vacation to a warmer climate. The mesmerizing photographs in the show "Underwater Adventures in the South Pacific and the Galapagos" by Judy Richardson have the subliminal effect of making you want to dive "down under." Unless, of course, you have an aversion ...more

On Saturday, November 13, on a day that started out with ice and snow, Carlisle residents enjoyed a colorful slide lecture at the First Religious Society Union Hall entitled "Naturally Beautiful Gardens — Adventures in Landscape Ecology." The multi-faceted tour of earth-friendly landscaping was led by Dori Smith, landscape designer and consultant ...more

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