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Friday, December 10, 2004


Huge first-year success for Concord-Carlisle Pop Warner Football

Back row left to right: Grant McCandless, Eric Bjornson, Andy Feiner, Dillon Mariano, David Reed, Nick Opolski, Chris Hoffman. Second row from back: Jesse Zwerling, Peter George, Steven Charnley, "T" Ritz. Second row from front: Kyle Ridick, Jack Boucher, Jack Donovan, Eric DeBruzzi, John McNamara and Jake Oh. First row: Alex Schmidt, Nick Reichheld, Bobby Davin. Not shown: Eddie Chaung. (Courtesy Photo)
This fall saw the return of tackle football for Carlisle's fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders, as the Concord Carlisle Pop Warner (CCPW) program was launched with great success. With an overall organizational goal of ensuring that our community has a meaningful quality football program for its children, the program hopes to see a direct benefit in providing our high school football program with experienced team players. In meeting the challenge and athletic reality of devising a competitive team, the coaching philosophy is focused on education and confidence building, emphatic team orientation and developing a can-do attitude for all players. The program ensures that each team member played a minimum number of plays in each game, that all players fell within strict weight and age limits, and that safety was of paramount concern.

Twenty Carlisle players proved themselves in meeting the rigorous challenges of the conditioning program that started in mid-August, and all of them went on to prove a formidable force in their respective teams. The youngest team, the D team, ended the year with a very promising 6-2 season. Just 11 weeks ago, only a handful of these young players had ever played organized contact football. All four CCPW teams came together and learned the meaning of team, each making individual contributions for the collective good. They all exceeded their parents' and their own expectations.

Asked what they like best about Concord-Carlisle Pop Warner, some of the players had insightful responses:

Nick Reichheld: "I really like the tackling and hitting. I mean it, I really did! "

Bobby Davin: "I met new friends from Concord and got to play a lot! I hope my other Carlisle friends join our team next year.

John McNamara: "I like being on a team where team unity was more important than the talents of just a few players. I really wish some of my other friends from Carlisle who didn't sign up could have been there with us. They would love CCPW!

Peter George: "The first few weeks were hard, especially the sprints up the hill, but I got in shape. When we got to games we had fun whether we won or lost, because we always felt we did better than we did the game before."

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