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Friday, December 3, 2004


On nine Friday evenings during the year, the First Religious Society's Union Hall plays host to a joyfully noisy bunch of merrymakers who don't shout, sing, quaff wassail, or behave in a disorganized manner. At 6:30 p.m., everyone tucks into a potluck supper: parents and children, young and old share each other's home cooking and enjoy each other's company. ...more

Where in Carlisle would you find the item pictured above? The answer: at the Great Brook Farm State Park. This 3-foot tall cylindrical work of art was recently placed near the path to the ice cream stand at the State Park as part of the 2004 Iron Rangers Painting Program sponsored by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation ...more

Senior Thanksgiving Day football brings a fifth straight turkey day win

The Patriots earned their ninth win of the season defeating Bedford 27-0 on Thanksgiving Day at Sabourin Field in Bedford. Senior running back Donnie Driscoll found the endzone four times for the Patriots, rushing for 38 yards on 13 carries. Driscoll scored on all three of CCHS's first half possessions, two drives starting with Bedford turnovers. In the end ...more

I don't know if you are anything like me, but I stayed at home the day after Thanksgiving. With all the talk about shoppers heading to the mall, especially the early morning shoppers lining up to take advantage of post-Thanksgiving sales when the stores opened at 5 a.m., I just wanted to be at home savoring an early morning cup of coffee along with a leftover ...more

Name: Onoclea sensibilis or Sensitive Fern, a.k.a. Bead Fern. The genus name is made up of the Greek words onos meaning a vessel and kleio meaning to close, and refers to the tightly rolled fertile fronds. The species name, sensibilis, is Latin for sensitive and refers to the fact that the green leafy sterile fronds ...more

On a warm day in November Carlisle teachers Rob Quaden and Al Ticotsky, along with retired Superintendent of Schools Davida Fox-Melanson, were invited to the Discovery Science Museum in Acton to discuss how Systems Thinking could aid the organization of the science exhibits. ...more

The construction of the $9.5 million Concord Carlisle Community Swim and Health Center reached a major milestone when the ridge beam was placed, marking the completion of the framing of the whole building. A ceremony placing a tree atop the structure was attended by volunteers and town officials Monday to mark this construction tradition of "topping off." ...more

Are you a good neighbor? Carlisle prides itself on its neighborhood caring and sense of community. But are we always good neighbors when it comes to the senior citizens living in our neighborhood? Do we notice if the paper is not picked up or if someone is not seen outside his or her home for a period of time? ...more

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