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Friday, December 3, 2004


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee

CEF newsletter. As the CSC meeting began, Superintendent Marie Doyle held up a Carlisle Educational Foundation newsletter. "The CEF did a wonderful job with this newsletter," she said. She praised the layout and the professionalism of the newsletter.

• Savoyards disappointed. Doyle reported receiving a letter from the Savoyards Light Opera Company, which expressed their disappointment at not being allowed to rent the Cory Auditorium next year. "We highly support the arts," Doyle said, "and we're all disappointed." The issue is the lack of classroom space, and the need to hold classes on the stage, she explained. Each time the Savoyards rehearse, the chairs, band instruments, and music stands must be put into storage, and returned the next morning.

• Note cards for Jimmy Fund. Doyle gave credit to the fourth and fifth grade students for donating $1,310 to the Jimmy Fund by designing and selling note cards. Fifth grade teacher Jennifer Reinhard, along with teaching assistant Stephen Wells and fifth grade teacher Deb O'Halloran spearheaded the project. The students created their design in art class with art teacher Courtney Hadley-Graham assisting.

• Eighth Grade Trip. Carlisle School Principal Steve Goodwin made a formal presentation requesting approval to plan the eighth grade trip for June, 2005. The trip would follow the same itinerary as the previous trip: a two-day overnight which includes visits to cultural, arts, nature, and sports facilities in western Massachusetts, dinner and a student-participation "game show," and ending with a visit to Six Flags. The committee quickly gave approval at the end of the presentation.

• Middle School Task Force. The school committee asked the Middle School Task Force to present a "typical day" for next year's sixth graders. Committee member David Dockterman expressed concern about the "complexity of the program." The task force is investigating two possible middle school models for the oversized 2005-2006 sixth-grade class. Both models would have two teams of teachers, which would require three new teachers. One model would have a five-day cycle and the other a six-day cycle. The task force will make a presentation December 15.

Congratulations. Congratulations were given all around to former Carlisle School Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson on the birth of her granddaughter.

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