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Friday, December 3, 2004


Planning begins for FY06 Carlisle School budget

The Carlisle School Administration presented the proposed FY06 budget report on November 17 to the Carlisle School Committee. The preliminary FY06 guideline for the Carlisle School, set by the Finance Committee, is $7,832,850, Carlisle School Business Manager Moore told the committee. This is an increase of $205,884 or 2.7% over the current budget.

Moore then presented five potential budget levels, all higher than the 2.7% guideline, the lowest being a 3.2% increase and the highest 9.7%.

"The school administration is still in the process of prioritizing and evaluating each of the new items" contained in each budget level, stated the budget report. "We're not intending to present the 3.2%; it's not an operating budget," explained Moore. Fitzgerald agreed, noting the 3.2% does not contain the the $70,000 in funds for maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant. According to Moore, $70,000 is the maximum required for maintenance; the number is likely to be much lower, especially if there is less than a full year of operation.

Moore reported the CSC has been invited to an "informal" budget discussion with the FinCom, which will be open to the public, on December 20. The formal school budget hearing before the FinCom is scheduled for February 7, 2005.

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