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Friday, December 3, 2004


Warrant for Special Town Meeting, December 6

Article 1
Fiscal Year 2005 budget transfers

This Article proposes fund transfers to apply unexpected overages to underfunded accounts. A one-time state aid payment of $18,925 will be transferred to the legal account to provide for assistance in negotiating the police contract and for other legal expenses. Interest not paid (due to delay of the wastewater treatment plant) will be transferred to two accounts, $15,000 to the Town Administrator's capital fund, and $4,816 to correct a salary error.

A "yes" vote approves all fund transfers. A "no" vote leaves those funds unavailable for operating expenses.

Article 2
Town Hall HVAC

Passage of this Article would authorize the town to take $142,000 from free cash (surplus revenue) to upgrade the heating system at Town Hall to provide better control, more even temperature, and greater longevity (Mosquito 11/19/04). The town received eleven bids for the project, of which $129,000 was the lowest. A 10% contingency was added.

A "yes" vote approves the fund transfer and HVAC upgrade, a no vote would leave the HVAC system as is.

Article 3
Wastewater Treatment Plant

Article 4
Transfer from CPA Fund

This Article requests a transfer of $8,000 from the Community Preservation Act account to the Historical Preservation account to finance preparatory work on a historical and archeological survey of town buildings and sites. The Community Preservation Committee recommends this transfer of funds which has already been collected through a surcharge on real estate taxes. The Community Preservation Act allows the town to levy this surcharge and receive matching state funds for the purposes of historic preservation, conservation, and affordable housing.

A "yes" vote transfers the $8,000 and allows the study to go forward. A "no" vote keeps the funds in the CPA account.

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