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Friday, December 3, 2004


Looking out for our senior neighbors

Are you a good neighbor? Carlisle prides itself on its neighborhood caring and sense of community. But are we always good neighbors when it comes to the senior citizens living in our neighborhood? Do we notice if the paper is not picked up or if someone is not seen outside his or her home for a period of time?

Many seniors have neighbors who help with shoveling or small repairs to the home, or perhaps run to the store for a much needed item. Sometimes we worry that trying to be a good neighbor can appear intrusive, but watching out for each other can help to avert a crisis such as someone falling and left unfound for a long period of time. The following tips may help someone you know remain healthier and at home:

• Try to notice if the daily paper is picked up.

• Notice if a car is moved over a period of time.

• If your neighbor lives alone, offer to call or check on him/her.

• Offer to keep the name and number of a person to call in case of emergency.

• Encourage the senior to keep important medical information up to date in a File of Life kit, available at the Carlisle Council on Aging office.

• If you are concerned about an elder's living situation, call the Council on Aging at 1-978-371-2895.

If you suspect something is wrong, call the Carlisle Police Department's non-emergency line at 1-978-369-1155 and ask them to do a well-being check.

Looking out for our neighbors builds community and improves everyone's quality of life so that Carlisle can continue to be a town of good neighbors.

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