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Friday, November 26, 2004


Shorts from the ConsCom, Nov. 22

· South Street. The continued hearing for installation of a driveway which would cross over a wetland area on the property of Jeffry and Carolyn Kiel on South Street was presented by engineer Terry Gensel. The commission requested a planting plan with temporary access to the replication area indicated on the plan and a statement that the replication would be done with hydric soils. The hearing was continued until December 2 at 8 p.m.

·125 Bellows Hill Road. The commission determined that it does not need to rule on Jessie Rona Taylor's plan to construct a wood walkway with three footings to her side door at 125 Bellows Hill Road. Taylor mentioned that storm water coming off Bellows Hill Road was eroding her driveway.

· 50 Wilkins Lane. The continued hearing for a plan to landscape a back yard that comes within the 100-foot buffer zone at 50 Wilkins Lane was closed. Kelly Driscoll presented the landscape plan. David Kelch of the Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee (CRAC) questioned the removal of white pine trees and the incursion of lawn area into the restricted area. Driscoll was told CRAC had no problem with green outside the restricted area and was asked to submit a new plan showing the changes.

· River Road. Dave Flewelling described a proposed two-inch underground conduit for Comcast service through a utility easement to two residences on River Road. The proposed conduit length of 684 feet is within the 100-foot buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland. The hearing was closed with the single condition that the ConsCom administrator be called to inspect siltation barriers before completion.

· 173 Rockland Road. Sharyl and Scott Stropkay asked to remove eight white pines on their property at 173 Rockland Road. Six of the trees "are ominous" because they are next to the house, according to Sharyl Stropkay. When questioned, she said the stumps would be ground, but the trees would have to come out with a crane. The plan was approved with one condition requesting the replacement of the two trees nearest the wetland.

· 142 East Street. The Carlisle Extended Day Program, at 142 East Street, has a utility easement across the Treibick property, at 138 East Street, on a common driveway which bisects a wetland. Treibick has consented to changing the easement arrangement if it can be done by December 22. The only remaining problem was whether the utilities had to be buried. Kathy Horvath of Carlisle Extended Day recalled a conversation with building inspector Bob Koning who assured her that the project can go forward with above-ground wires. The project also includes repaving the existing driveway.

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