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Friday, November 19, 2004


Selectmen plan public hearing on bicentennial fireworks

David Reed, Chair of the Old Home Day Committee (OHD), requested a public hearing regarding the committee's plan for fireworks to celebrate Carlisle's bicentennial next year. "My biggest concern is to make sure we don't offend the abutters," said Reed, adding, "It's not worth pushing through if there are any objections. I'm just not up to that."

The Selectmen will be scheduling a hearing and agreed to send a letter to residents in all the surrounding neighborhoods. If the plan survives the hearing, the OHD committee will contract with a fireworks company, schedule the state fire marshal to inspect the site, and begin fundraising to pay the estimated six to seven thousand dollars the event is expected to cost.

The date under consideration for the fireworks is Sunday, June 26, which allows Carlisle to take advantage of a half-price discount for dates outside the Fourth of July weekend. Fireworks would start around 9:00 p.m. on the Banta-Davis parking lot with viewing on Spalding Field. Although the event will not be advertised outside Carlisle, Selectman Deb Belanger suggested being prepared for word-of-mouth to spread. Mosquitoes will be dealt with using a garlic spray repellent undetectable to humans. A rain date will be scheduled for July 5, which would give the town the coveted weekend at half-price, "so get out your garlic and do a rain dance," suggested Reed.

Fire Chief Dave Flannery was on hand to confirm that state regulation of fireworks is stringent and oversight intense. "Fireworks take place many times a year very safely." He sees no concerns with the inspection of the Banta-Davis site which provides ample set-back from trees and viewers.

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