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Friday, November 19, 2004


Shorts from the Selectmen, November 9

Preliminary FinCom guideline for FY06. The FinCom issued a preliminary budget guideline offering increases of 2.7% at the Carlisle School, 5.89% for Concord-Carlisle Regional High School, 2.4% for Minuteman Regional High School, and 1.5% for town departments. The town department number is exclusive of salary increases which have yet to be determined. The FinCom noted that fixed costs are up 8% while revenue is expected to increase only 3 to 4%. In addition, a shift in the ratio of students at the high school means a 3% rise in Carlisle's assessment before other increases. Town salary increases will be discussed on November 30. Selectman Deb Belanger advocated for money to be set aside for spot bonuses as "a tremendous way to recognize exceptional performance."

Alcohol Commission. Due to passage of the ballot question approving the sale of alcohol, the Board of Selectmen is now the town's Alcohol Commission, with the ability to issue up to ten liquor licenses. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie noted she has had inquiries and if a request comes in, the board must rule within thirty days. She is investigating what is required.

This Old House. This Old House has offered a free day for Carlisle residents at their spring open house. McKenzie proposed charging on our free day and donating the money to a scholarship fund along with a matching donation. Selectman Doug Stevenson asked McKenzie to investigate preserving the free day while supporting the scholarship fund, noting that residents deserve something for putting up with construction. Selectman John Ballantine said he has had complaints about parking and road obstruction on South Street and asked that those concerns be communicated.

Access channels. Comcast no longer provides production services for local access channels, but provides the channels and some funding. There is a possibility of negotiating along with Concord for production services. Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle has experience using these channels in education and "has lots of ideas," according to McKenzie.

Toy Drive. Concord Recreation requested use of Town Hall for a Red Cross holiday toy drive geared to older kids than the traditional Toys for Tots drive carried on by the police. McKenzie will check that there is no conflict.

Foss Farm. A hearing with the Recreation Department on possible usage of Foss Farm will be held November 30.

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