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Friday, November 19, 2004


Selectmen close Warrant for December 6 Town Meeting

The Board of Selectmen closed the Warrant for the December 6 Special Town Meeting, including the ballot questions for the December 14 Town Election.

Article 1 proposes fund tranfers between town accounts.

Article 2 and Question 1 request money to repair the Town Hall HVAC system. According to Selectmen Chair Tim Hult, the HVAC bid "looks like it's down to $150,000," a significant break from the $300,000 originally feared. Finance Director Larry Barton may recommend paying for the repairs out of free cash, in which case no ballot vote will be required.

Article 3 and Question 2 concern the additional cost of the wastewater treatment plant at the Carlisle Public School for which bids will be received November 30, keeping it on track for the December Town Meeting. If the winning bid is less than a 10% increase over the original amount, no election will be necessary to approve the funds.

Article 4 is a request to use CPA funds to survey the historic district for $8,000 as the first step toward a follow-on study of the town's historical assets. Said Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie, "I'd be happy if we wouldn't have any more disputes about what's inside and outside the district."

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