Friday, November 19, 2004

AN AMAZING GROUP OF VOLUNTEERS. A 200-foot boardwalk and a 130-foot bridge were constructed on the River Trail in Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Many of the workers pose on the finished project. From left to right are: Ben Holzman, George Fardy, Bob Eaton, Kevin Smith, Marc Lamere, Lauren Lamere, Mariel Terciero, Jan Koflacz, Amelia Cox, Henry Cox, Dana Smith, Chris Bojanic, Dan Bojanic, Tim Eliassen, Scott Munroe, Libby Herland, Mary Zoll (seated), Steve Spang, Camron Kimbrell-Anderson, Sylvia Willard, Steve Tobin, Louise Hara and Debra Kimbrell-Anderson. (Photo by Bert Willard)
At the upcoming Special Town Meeting on December 6 voters will be asked to approve a revamp of the Town Hall heating and cooling (HVAC) system at a cost of about $150,000. It is hoped this will finally put to rest a problem that has defied solution for the past seven years. But how did the town get into this predicament? Did those involved in Town Hall planning ...more

The Regional School Committee (RSC) has authorized a new study of the Concord-Carlisle High School facility. "To give you some of the recent background on the current thought process," explained committee member and Carlisle resident Michael Fitzgerald in an e-mail communication, "now that Brenda [Superintendent Brenda Finn] has got her first ...more

Under time pressure to exercise an agreement between the town and Greenough tenant Paul Booth, the Selectmen voted to evict Booth from the decaying cottage on the Greenough conservation land off Maple Street. Selectmen Chair Tim Hult proposed that eviction is preferable to being liable for a tenant "in an unsafe building with no heating system." ...more

Starting off the re-accreditation process, teachers and students from Concord-Carlisle High School gave an hour-long presentation to a team of sixteen evaluators on Sunday afternoon, November 14. The presentation began with strong, supportive descriptions of the educational atmosphere at CCHS, which began to unravel as some teachers spontaneously voiced their ...more

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