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Friday, November 12, 2004


Did you know that there are 33 families, or should I say residents, living in Carlisle who are raising chickens? Yes, that is what Carlisle Animal Inspector Sally Lakness reported on Friday. That number sounded right, for here in my neighborhood of Estabrook and Bellows Hill Roads there are three chicken-raising families. On South Street, practically across ...more

Where in Carlisle would you find the item pictured above? This newly displayed work of art features hand-painted wildflowers, and has been placed in a prominent location in Carlisle. Have you seen it? Do you know what function it serves, other than simply being pleasant to look at? It even bears a creative name — can you guess what that is? ...more

This is the fifth in a series of articles on the Savoyard Light Opera Company's production of The Secret Garden, opening tonight and running through November 21 in the Corey Auditorium. This will be the group's last show performed in Carlisle.


"Every hundred years I'll add an inch or two to my character. ...more

CCYS Girls U12 Lightning completed an undefeated season (6 wins and 2 draws) Saturday with a 5 - 2 victory over Somerville at Emerson Field. The Lightning carried the early play, as defenders Allie Forelli and Amy Wyeth stepped up often to keep the ball in the Somerville end. Lindsay Newton provided excellent connecting play. Campbell Hart opened the scoring ...more

Did you ever give any thought to who is really the boss in your house? When you are a child, usually you think that your parents are in charge. We all know who a teenager believes is the boss. ...more

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