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Friday, November 12, 2004


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, November 12

· China Program Superintendent Marie Doyle thanked the Carlisle Education Foundation for funding the new China program. Carlisle School is part of the U.S.-China Principal Shadowing Project 2004-2005, sponsored by the China Exchange Initiative (CEI) and The China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE). Last month Huang Zhuoxian, Vice-Principal at the Jiangsu Provincial Qianhuang Senior Middle School in Hutang, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jingsu, China, visited Carlisle school from Tuesday, October 5, through Saturday, October 9. Shadowing Superintendent Marie Doyle and Principal Steve Goodwin, Huang was very impressed by the Carlisle School. Teachers Carolyn Platt, Erin McCauley, Cyd McCann and Beth Sherman have been attending Chinese studies at Primary Source, a non-profit center which offers a variety of courses about "under-represented" countries. The teachers plan to write an interdisciplinary unit after they complete their Chinese studies.

· C.C. Pools Committee Member Michael Fitzgerald, giving the Regional School Committee (RSC) report, said the Concord-Carlisle Pools, Inc. (C.C. Pools) organization is $2,000,000 short of the funds they need to develop the new pool facility, slated to be built on Concord-Carlisle High School land. The organization wants to borrow against their current investment to raise the funds to develop the pool. The RSC is concerned about the potential of C.C. Pools defaulting on the loan, which may make the school responsible for finishing the facility. In addition, the loan payments may spur C.C. Pools to reverse an agreement made with the RSC to allow free high school swimming classes during school hours.

· Residency Policy The committee reviewed the Carlisle School Committee Residency Policy, which defines the rules under which a student may attend the Carlisle School. Committee Chair Nicole Burkel expressed concern about the apparent lack of flexibility in the residency rules. Other members of the committee, however, were concerned about families who found ways to attend the Carlisle School without meeting the residency rules. "They don't qualify if they just have a hole in the ground," commented Fitzgerald. In the section that deals with families required to return to Carlisle within three months after temporarily moving out due to home construction, "with the Superintendent's approval" was added to allow the superintendent discretion and flexibility.

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