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Friday, November 12, 2004


Shorts from the Board of Health, November 4

· 148 Rutland Street. Homeowner Michael Smith appeared before the Board of Health (BOH) to discuss the repair of a failed septic system for his thirteen-room house. Plans already approved by Stamski and McNary, Inc. were reviewed and modified, designing a smaller leaching field and adding a garbage grinder to the system. The BOH approved a waiver of a garbage grinder Deed Restriction.

· Inspection of existing septic systems. BOH Chair Martha Bedrosian encouraged the community to "request inspection of any existing system," if they have concerns, by contacting BOH Agent Linda Fantasia (978-369-0283). To learn more about caring for your septic system, information can be found on Click on departments.

· Ferns Country Store. With a platter of assorted cookies and candies, Larry Bearfield, owner of Ferns, updated BOH members on his plans to "build an outdoor wrap-around farmer's porch and install a piazza sometime in early spring of 2005." Bearfield reminded the BOH that "Ferns Country Store would remain a take-out establishment and thereby not require approval [from the BOH] for its modifications." He has ongoing discussions with the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Advisory Committee (which is responsible for the pathways in the town center) and the Historic Commission. The plans are on display and available for viewing at Ferns.

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