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Friday, November 12, 2004

Reflections on the election

To the Editor:

I congratulate Representative Cory Atkins on her successful bid for re-election to our State Legislature. It has been a long and demanding campaign, and her energy and commitment are truly commendable. I wish her the best in the coming years and sincerely hope that my challenge has helped her to be a stronger representative for our communities.

I apologize to those who found my campaign literature offensive or distasteful. Throughout my campaign, I made a genuine effort to challenge my opponent's record and to offer substantial alternative opinions on many issues. I take full responsibility for any objectionable material and will work to ensure that future campaigns with which I have any affiliation meet higher standards of respectability.

I also express the deepest gratitude to those who supported my endeavor and worked so hard during this campaign. Our democracy obligates us to venture enthusiastically into the marketplace of ideas. I am very proud of the work we have done.

The high voter turnout in our communities clearly indicates a fervent interest in our government and the people in whom we place great trust. I am pleased to have been a part of the process and thank everyone for their consideration and interest.

Douglas A. G. Stevenson
Cross Street

Cory Atkins thanks supporters

To the Editor:

At the end of a campaign, I always have hundreds of people to thank.But I have never been grateful to so many people as I am today.On Election Day alone, over 170 volunteers stood in the cold rain to hold signs at the polls for me.There were those who spent the last week with signs glued to their hands —one even wearing an eye-catching patriotic costume.I loved sending dozens of high school students to the Monument Square flag pole Tuesday afternoon.I am proud that some of our future leaders were starting their political lives campaigning for this community.And there are those who spent the last six weeks, or six months, coming into the campaign office to help with nitty gritty of running a successful campaign.There were the individuals who would come to stuff 8,000 piece mailings on hour's notice, those who'd bring work home with them, and those who agreed to manage huge projects when all we had to offer was thanks.But above all, I am grateful to my family for their support for and confidence in me.My daughter Casey would drive out to Concord after work and stay late into the night stuffing envelopes and recruiting volunteers.My son Dean, between going to law school and getting married this summer, found an incredible amount of time to fill in wherever he was most useful — from acting as a campaign consultant to knocking on hundreds of doors.And my husband, Chet, who is always willing to offer whatever it takes to succeed.Thank you all for voting and participating in this wonderful democracy.I look forward to serving this district and standing up for you and my priorities of our schools, our economy, legislative reform and civil rights.

Cory Atkins
Monument Street, Concord

Gleason Friends thank students

To the Editor:

The Friends of the Gleason Public Library would like to give special thanks to the following Carlisle Public School students for helping to set up refreshments, serve and clean up at the recent Gleason Public Library Pumpkin Festival: Amelia Cox, Kelsey Erickson, Theresa Fritz-Endres, Siobhan Galligan, Lauren Means.

The Friends welcome student help for all their community projects and students can also earn community service credit.

Terry McElligott
Tophet Road
Friends of the Gleason Public Library

National election mirrored at Carlisle School

To the Editors:

Thank you for your coverage of the National Mock Election at the Carlisle Public Schools. I thought your readers might like to know how Carlisle's children, as well as their peers, voted in the presidential election.

Carlisle's votes were submitted to the Massachusetts coordinator at the Kennedy Library in Boston. We had 795 children in 39 classes participate. Thirty one classes chose Kerry and five voted for Bush, three classes were tied. In the Commonwealth 70,756 votes were tallied and approximately four million children participated nationwide. It is also interesting to compare these results to the actual national vote.

The final tally is as follows:
  School Mass. USA

Only slightly more than half of all eligible voters actually voted in the 2000 presidential election. I am hopeful that the enthusiasm that our students displayed in the mock election will carry over to future generations and that all Carlisle's children will grow up valuing their right to vote.

Sandy Kelly
Carlisle School Library Teacher

Town Clerk thanks the many who helped with elections

To the Editor:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all of the people and groups that worked so hard to make this election run smoothly.

The dedicated team of volunteer election workers, led by Election Wardens Harriet Fortier and Eva Herndon, worked long hours on Election Day. They worked effectively as a group and their cooperation with the new rules was an essential component of the success of this election.

I apologize for the extended delays at the opening of the polls when we had only one pair of check-in tellers on duty. I promise to have dual check-in and check-out stations at all future elections.

"Carlisle's Finest" Police Force was instrumental in controlling the crowds and traffic. Officer Mike Burgess and Lt. John Sullivan provided tremendous support to the poll workers and election officials, alternating their duties between crowd control, emptying the ballot box, and monitoring the voted ballots from before 6 a.m. until after 11 p.m. Officers Steve Mack, Kevin Cardone, and Traffic Officer Pam Harron accomplished the difficult tasks of directing traffic and parking while facilitating pedestrian flow in and out of the building with proficiency. Chief Galvin was heavily involved in the planning process and his leadership was evident in the results of the day's activities. I am very grateful for the efforts of our entire police force whose involvement made the management of this day possible.

The efforts of many others contributed to the success of Election Day including the Assistant Town Clerk, Irene Blake, volunteer Ann Wright, and Peter Duffany, who set up the booths, cleaned up after the enormous turnout and removed the booths and set up the Clark Room for the 9 am exercise class on Wednesday morning.

I would also like to thank my husband Steve, and daughter Melissa, for their support and encouragement during the entire election process, which began, in earnest in February.

In closing, thank you Carlisle residents and voters. Your sense of responsibility toward the election process and your cooperation and patience made this record breaking day a huge success. This election effort is yet another example of how lucky we are to live in Carlisle. See you at Town Meeting on December 6.

Charlene M. Hinton
Town Clerk
East Street

C.C. Pools thanks supporters

To the Editor:

When more than 700 people get together for a night of good, clean fun for a great cause, it's a big win for Concord and Carlisle. We want to thank all who enjoyed watching their teachers, administrators, police and town officials — last Friday known as the C. C. Pool-a-Hoops — take on the Harlem Wizards to benefit the Concord Carlisle Community Swim and Health Center. Thanks to the committee of Wizard Workers who helped make the event possible: Sandra Curran, Christine Corr, Catherine Greenwald, Amy Newell, Michele O'Brien, Karen Regan, Marty Wolf, and their many volunteers. Thanks also to our many retail ticket outlets, American Video, Bedford Farms, Brine's, Concord Provisions, Concord Recreation Dept., Concord Toy Shop, Ferns Country Store, Penguin Video, West Concord 5 & 10, in-kind donors Crosby Design, Crosby's Marketplace, Debra's Natural Gourmet, Joanne Lovejoy, Roche Brothers, WIQH-88.3 FM, and the many area businesses who advertised in our program. Their support for the new Swim and Health Center is truly gratifying.

The Harlem Wizards not only brought fun, but a message of empowerment to both individuals and communities. When a community pulls together with vision, determination, and commitment amazing things can happen, with monumental benefits. The new Swim and Health Center is one of those amazing things. For four years, C. C. Pools, Inc. has been working to make the Concord Carlisle Community Swim and Health Center a reality. Of the $9.5 million total project cost, we still need to raise $3.5 million to fulfill our commitment to donate the Center to the Town upon completion in December 2005. We can do it, but we need everyone's help. This is your chance to give a lasting gift to your community. Please give as generously as you can.

Amy Barrett and Lee Byrd
event co-chairs
Trustees, C. C. Pools, Inc.

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