Friday, November 12, 2004

A FRIDAY WIND STORM. Unusually strong winds on Friday left a lot of debris for homeowners and town employees to clean up. This big tree fell across Lowell Road at midday, and DPW and police worked on cleanup and traffic management. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)
Did you know that there are 33 families, or should I say residents, living in Carlisle who are raising chickens? Yes, that is what Carlisle Animal Inspector Sally Lakness reported on Friday. That number sounded right, for here in my neighborhood of Estabrook and Bellows Hill Roads there are three chicken-raising families. On South Street, practically across ...more

On November 2 former Carlisle resident Albert Ira Gould filed a complaint in Middlesex Superior Court against the Carlisle Town Clerk, the members of the Carlisle Board of Appeals (BOA) and attorney Richard Hucksam and the law firm of Deutsch/Williams, who represent the Town of Carlisle. ...more

"We've got a gun to our heads," said Board of Appeals (BOA) member Hal Sauer, commenting on the 40B application in front of the board. Carlisle Woods, a proposed development that has come before the board multiple times is before, is back. This time the state is putting pressure on the town to come to a decision by January 13, a mere three months ...more

Changes in a Massachusetts state construction law are affecting the wastewater treatment plant bid process, reported School Building Committee Chair Christy Barbee at the November 3 Carlisle School Committee meeting. Massachusetts school projects which cost over $1.5 million must first hire a project manager before hiring the construction company, explained ...more
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