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Friday, November 12, 2004


Carlisle Comments: Who's the boss?

Did you ever give any thought to who is really the boss in your house? When you are a child, usually you think that your parents are in charge. We all know who a teenager believes is the boss.

At school, the teachers are supposed to be the boss. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren't. Although, they do get the last word by means of the report card. Some are really mentors for us and do influence our choices in life. They don't call college your Alma Mater without good reason. However, the student has to choose to listen and learn.

Later when you marry or move out on your own, you think you are your own boss again. When you marry, often one person is the "boss" and the other is the "power behind the throne." Compromise is a term that might fit the situation.

Then you have children. Now I always thought that the parents were in charge. Silly me. That baby has you dancing on a string. Who else, all wet, smelly, and starving, could get you up in the middle of the night? Complaining would be useless. We love that little tyrant, and whatever he or she needs, we just hop to it. Fortunately, the child does become a little more housebroken and domesticated and again, for a few years, the parents think they are in charge again. So does the child.

Many of us have survived the teenagers that we brought into the world. We still love them and remember just how cute they used to be. However, the power struggle continues. Eventually, these dear ones get into their twenties, and are on their way to becoming independent adults and their own bosses at last. Hopefully out of your house and pretty much out of your wallet.

Does this mean that at last you are the master of your own life? Not quite. There is a saying that "you're not really free until the last child leaves home and the dog dies." There is wisdom there. We never had a dog, but we do have a cat.

This cat tells us when it's time to get up in the morning, when to serve her meals, change her kitty litter, go outside, and just to sit down and pet her. She also causes us to come home every night, take no long weekends or vacations without making arrangements for her care. She has her favorite spots for sitting, sleeping, bird watching, and hunting imaginary creatures in the house. And you better not try to alter any of this. Yes, our kids are grown and gone, but the family pet is still there. I have to shake my head, when I think of the control that a ten-pound furry creature has in my house. What about you?

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