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Friday, November 5, 2004


On Wednesday night, October 27, about 25 people gathered in the Clark Room at Town Hall for an election workers' training session led by Town Clerk Charlene Hinton. This group, a little over a third of the number of people working the polls on November 2, received some background into the new election law and state regulations that applied to voters on Tuesday ...more

"Who is this guy, Ralph Nader?" asked a seventh grader, as he carried his presidential ballot to a voting both on Thursday, October 28. Election Day came early for students at the Carlisle School when all grades voted in the National Student/Parent Mock Election. Carlisle School Librarian Sandy Kelly enrolled the school into the program offered by ...more

Through the efforts of curator Phil Drew, the Carlisle Historical Society has acquired a small collection of historically valuable documents that had been in the Robbins family. Included are six letters that span three generations of the family over the course of the nineteenth century. The documents are particularly important because of the place of the Robbins ...more

This is the fourth in a series of weekly articles on the Savoyard Light Opera Company's production of The Secret Garden, running from November 12 to 21 in the Corey Auditorium. This will be the group's last show to be performed in Carlisle. ...more

Name: The Woolly Bear caterpillar is the larval stage of the Isabella Tiger Moth, Isia isabella a.k.a. Pyrrharctia Isabella. Other common names for the caterpillar are the banded woolly bear, the fuzzy bear, the hedgehog caterpillar (because of the way it curls into a ball when disturbed), and in the southern U.S. it is called ...more

Blam! The door slams, a sharp crack on a Saturday morning. I stomp down the stairs, arms folding, angry — "You should be taking the cards to the mailbox, not me" — I fume loudly. Ten steps further, thoughts flying, I realize, of course, it's not the cards, it's the frustration at doctors, their drugs and the side effects and not listening ...more

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