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Friday, November 5, 2004


Shorts from the Historical Commission, October 26

Paving a driveway, changing signage, installing a waterfall, and choosing between a green or yellow slide were some of the issues before the Carlisle Historical Commission at its October 26 meeting.

· Exterior work at Ferns. Larry Bearfield, co-owner of Ferns, and commission members held an informal discussion about the brick piazza he is planning to construct on the Bedford Road side of the building as part of upgrading the property. Five tables are planned for the piazza, which will provide an outdoor gathering place for residents. A low white picket fence will enclose the property, with gardens on either side of the fence. Bearfield's plans include a flagpole and a water garden with a waterfall, which sparked some discussion and concern. Barry Ganek pointed out that since there is no natural water on the site (a stream or brook), a waterfall "might seem out of place." Bearfield sees it as adding a "sensory experience" and will provide details at a later meeting.

The farmer's porch at Ferns has been approved by all boards and construction will begin in the spring. The Historical Commission has already approved the sign and outdoor lights, which will be installed after the porch has been built. A temporary sign has been installed.

· Driveway paving. Colleen Klein of 62 Lowell Street applied to have her L-shaped driveway paved and a berm built because of serious water erosion problems from the roadway. The driveway is currently topped with the same material as the pathways, but the water flows onto the lawn. Commission members acknowledged that Lowell Street needs repaving, but the DPW lacks federal money to start the project. The commission approved paving the driveway with asphalt and building an asphalt berm at the roadway. The dimensions of the driveway would be unchanged.

· Changing Fleet Bank signs. Among the myriad details involved in the changeover from Fleet to Bank of America is changing signs at every bank and ATM in the area. Joe Reis of Batten Brothers Sign Advertising appeared before the commission to discuss the size of the sign (same as the current one), size of the letters, the sign's material and its colors. Commissioners encouraged more relationship between the blue and white Coldwell Bankers sign and the new Bank of America sign. Reis will return at the next meeting with color samples. Timing is an issue since the changeover in signage in the Boston area will be completed on December 5 and 6. Both signs, wall-mounted and post-mounted, were approved as submitted, excluding the colors.

George Senkler, who owns the building housing the ATM and Coldwell Bankers, pointed out that the proposed pathway into the center conflicts with the standing, post-mounted sign. He brought a pathway sketch made by the late Selectman Vivian Chaput, which indicates where the walkway should go in relation to the standing sign. The location of the pathway and the post-mounted sign requires a separate application.

· Installation of swing set. David Chaffin, chair of the Historical Commission, appeared before his colleagues as an applicant, requesting approval to install a child's swing set/play structure at his home at 52 East Street. Since the structure will be permanent and is visible from the road, it requires Historical Commission approval. After brief discussion on the relative merits of the Versailles model versus the Alpine model with a wooden roof, the commission approved the swing set, leaving the decision of the model up to Chaffin, although they did prefer a green slide over a yellow one.

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