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Friday, November 5, 2004


East Street pathway plans take shape

With the Bedford Road pathway nearly complete, the Carlisle Pedestrian/Bike Safety Advisory Committee is moving next to the East Street pathway. The Bedford Road pathway, which is six-tenths of a mile of a crushed stone surface, was completed to Kimball's ice cream stand in September. Only a small section between the library and School Street, past the rotary and the Fleet ATM, needs to be added. The East Street pathway is the next planned segment of the five-arterial-road footpath plan, as approved by the May 2003 Town Meeting and election. It will extend one-half mile to the intersection of Partridge Lane.

Work on the East Street pathway began in August with a professional survey of the street's right of way and abutting physical features completed by David Ross & Associates. Using this survey, members of the Pedestrian/Bike Safety Advisory Committee then walked the proposed pathway length of East Street on both sides to determine the most desirable siting of the pathway. The committee concluded that the pathway should be on the northwest side of the street (on the left going out of the center) because of sharp drop-offs along much of the southeast side.

The next step in planning the East Street pathway has involved consulting with the property abutters about the details of siting the pathway. In some cases easements will be requested from abutters to allow siting of the pathway outside the street's right of way in order to preserve existing landmarks (stone walls, trees) or to provide a safer distance from the roadway. All abutters were contacted in recent weeks and were provided with copies of the survey, marked with the tentative siting for the pathway.

Public meetings on November 13 and 15

The Pedestrian/Bike Safety Advisory Committee will hold a pair of public meetings at Town Hall on Saturday, November 13, at 9 a.m. and on Monday, November 15, at 7:30 p.m. All East Street property abutters have received notifications in the mail of these meetings, but the wider public is also invited. It is hoped that residents from side streets Blaisdell Drive, Cutter's Ridge, Partridge Lane, and other East Street neighborhoods will attend. Other interested parties would include members of East Street-located organizations: St. Irene Catholic Church, the Concord Montessori School at Saint Irene, the Carlisle Extended Day Program, and the Carlisle Early Literacy Preschool at Extended Day.

Construction of the East Street pathway is currently planned to begin next spring. To keep costs down, our Town Department of Public Works (DPW) will undertake much of the construction, as was the case with the Bedford Road pathway. However, since the DPW crew has competing projects, the construction of the pathway will take time. Crushed stone will again be used for the surface.

More information about the Carlisle Footpath Plan can be found at the recently updated web site of the Pedestrian/Bike Safety Advisory Committee at

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