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Friday, November 5, 2004


Kerry, Meehan, Atkins, Fargo, wine and beer win in Carlisle Stevenson loses in Carlisle by 25 votes

Town residents did not have to wait until Wednesday morning to learn the results of the 2004 presidential and state elections in Carlisle. Shortly after 10 on Tuesday night, November 2, the final tallies were in and an hour later the results were posted on the Carlisle Mosquito web site. (See ballot with vote tallies on page 5.)

With 3,143 out of 3,507 registered voters casting their ballots, John Kerry defeated George Bush for president 1,946 to 1,124. Susan Fargo defeated John Thibault for state senator 1,825 to 1,210. In a very tight race for state representative Cory Atkins defeated Carlisle Selectman Doug Stevenson 1,555 to 1,530. Congressman Marty Meehan easily defeated Thomas Tierney 1,982 to 1,068.

On Question 1, voters voted two to one (2,000 to 1,026) not to grant licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages in Carlisle. On the other hand, voters chose to support the sale of wine and beer in Carlisle 1,767 to 1,286. This was the third time that the sale of alcoholic beverages appeared on a Carlisle ballot and the first time it passed.

The passage of this question enables the Carlisle Board of Selectmen to grant a two-year, temporary license for the sale of wine and beer. In order to make Carlisle permanently undry, the same question must be passed by Carlisle voters at the next two state elections, in November 2006 and 2008.

Over all, it was a clean sweep for the Democrats. This is not totally surprising when one checks the Town of Carlisle Voter Tally Sheet. As of October 10, 2004, one finds 915 registered Democrats, 662 Republicans and 1,906 Unenrolled.

For the second federal election in a row, at least 90% of registered voters (pending the receipt of more absentee and provisional ballots over the next ten days) cast their votes. In 2000, with 3,225 registered voters, there was a 2,910 turnout.

According to election officials, there was a steady stream of voters throughout the day, with the biggest numbers appearing early in the morning. The anticipated long line of voters curling out into the parking lot never materialized. Inside the Town Hall lobby, two check-in lines instead of one were organized by street names, allowing voters to reach the polling booths in the Clark room more quickly. At checkout there were again two lines instead of one, enabling voters to quickly place their ballots into the box. Speaking of the ballot box, more than one voter commented on Carlisle's historic ballot box. Opinion was unanimous that in Carlisle there would be no hanging chads.

Throughout the day the police handled parking and traffic in and around Town Hall with their usual efficiency. According to Police Lieutenant John Sullivan, the Carlisle Fire Department helpfully provided lighting at dusk for those people parking on Church Street.

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of election officials at Town Hall and the over 60 volunteer poll workers and counters, the Carlisle 2004 Presidential Election was conducted without a flaw.

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