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Friday, November 5, 2004

Pumpkin Spectacle was once again a smash hit

To the Editor:

The 21st Annual Pumpkin Spectacle of the Gleason Library was a great success thanks to the many people who contributed their help.

Our thanks go to the Friends of the Gleason Library who funded the Toe Jam Puppet Band performance at the Corey Auditorium. They also provided the book prizes and the refreshments. Terry McElligott directed numerous students in serving the refreshments.

Priscilla Stevens, Teresa Kvietkauskas and Tim Hult had the difficult job of choosing the prize-winners from the many creative entries. Registration was done by Verna Gilbert, Barbara Culkins, and Anne Ketchen. Nancy Roberts took some great pictures, which are on display in the library.

Marty Seneta and Kay Edelberg

for the Gleason Library staff

Thank-you from the Trails Committee

To the Editor:

Over the past two weekends an amazing group of volunteers built a 200-foot boardwalk and a 130-foot bridge on the River Trail in Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.These folks gave over 360 hours of their precious free time to make the trail more accessible to nature lovers for decades to come.

The project would not have happened without the financial and moral support of Libby Herland, the manager of Great Meadows, who was an absolute joy to work with. Thanks also to her maintenance crew, who moved 4,500 pounds of concrete to the boardwalk site, and especially to Harry Sears, who came up with the bridge design. We owe a huge thank you to Gary Davis and his DPW crew who saved the day by trucking the materials to the bridge site when our other options were gone.Thanks to Sylvia Willard for going beyond the call of duty to help us put together the wetland hearing filing and to Dan Holzman for engineering expertise.

Our deepest thanks go to the volunteers who waded in the mud, drove countless nails and screws, and shared two wonderful days with us.Thanks to Peter Burn, Jim and Bob Burnham, Erin, Amelia, and Henry Cox, Christopher, Oliver, and Dejan Bojanic, Parker, Taylor, and Sarah Brophy, Jan Koflacz, Audrey and Bill Cooney, James Chuang, Jeff Dinardo, Tim Eliassen, Tim Fohl, Aaron and David Freedman, Tim and Marty Galligan, Charlie, Rebecca, Andi, and Jim Gettys, Bob Gewecke, Libby Herland, Ben and Dan Holzman, Philippe Kelty, Debra and Camron Kimbrell-Anderson, Adam and Matthew Koski, Tim and Lauren Lamere, Tony Mariano Jr. and Sr., Scott Munroe, Kieran Nunan, Michael O'Loughlin, Jay Patrick, Ken Pruyn, Kevin Smith, Brendan and Dana Smith, Steve Spang, Lee and Mary Storrs, Mariel Terceiro, David Tobin, Steve Troppoli, Sylvia Willard, Mary Zoll, and any others who didn't sign our sheet.

We hope everyone will join us for a River Trail walk on the day after Thanksgiving to see the boardwalks and celebrate the completion of the Trails Committee's perennial number one priority.

The Carlisle Trails Committee
Bob Eaton
George Fardy
Verna Gilbert
Louise Hara
Marc Lamere
Steve Tobin
Bert Willard

See the Girl Scout service project exhibit at Gleason

To the Editor:

The Concord/Carlisle Girl Scouts as well as the Acton/Boxboro Girl Scouts last year worked together with the help of area townspeople to serve our troops overseas by working on a special community service project. During the 2004 Girl Scout cookie sale, local Scouts, selling door-to-door and at area booth sales, asked customers to buy boxes for our troops overseas. Cookies were purchased, and the customer or a Scout attached a message to each box. In addition, a local return address was included on each box. 1535 boxes were purchased and shipped overseas. The troops responded by sending thank-you notes, postcards, photographs, and even an American flag back home to the Scouts.

Without the help from our customers we could not have made this happen. We want to thank everyone who purchased cookies for our troops and helped boost the morale of the servicemen and women overseas. We also want to thank those businesses that let us hold booth sales in front of their businesses, including Ferns Country Market, Donelans Supermarket, Roche Bros. Supermarket, Crosby's Supermarket, and Video Revolution. A special thanks to Sally Bond (our Acton Cookies coordinator) who made this all happen.

At the Carlisle Gleason Public Library there is a display of the items that they sent back to us. Please take a moment to stop by and see our display; it is very touching. We will again hold this type of community service for our troops at this year's cookies sales. If you don't meet up with our Girl Scouts and would like to contribute to this event, please call Lee Means, our cookie coordinator for Carlisle, and Victor Bowen, cookie coordinator for Concord.

Linda Fabrizio
Patch Meadow Lane
Concord/Carlisle Girl Scout media coordinator


To the Editor:

Many thanks to all the thoughtful people who left candy at Ferns Country Store for those of us in the center to pass out on Halloween. There was a steady parade of Trick or Treaters from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

Barbara Culkins
Bedford Road

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