Friday, November 5, 2004

Early morning campaign workers assemble at the foot of the driveway leading to Town Hall while a police officer directs traffic heading into Carlisle center. (Photo by Mike Quayle)
On Wednesday night, October 27, about 25 people gathered in the Clark Room at Town Hall for an election workers' training session led by Town Clerk Charlene Hinton. This group, a little over a third of the number of people working the polls on November 2, received some background into the new election law and state regulations that applied to voters on Tuesday ...more

"Who is this guy, Ralph Nader?" asked a seventh grader, as he carried his presidential ballot to a voting both on Thursday, October 28. Election Day came early for students at the Carlisle School when all grades voted in the National Student/Parent Mock Election. Carlisle School Librarian Sandy Kelly enrolled the school into the program offered by ...more

Town residents did not have to wait until Wednesday morning to learn the results of the 2004 presidential and state elections in Carlisle. Shortly after 10 on Tuesday night, November 2, the final tallies were in and an hour later the results were posted on the Carlisle Mosquito web site. (See ballot with vote tallies below.) ...more

With the Bedford Road pathway nearly complete, the Carlisle Pedestrian/Bike Safety Advisory Committee is moving next to the East Street pathway. The Bedford Road pathway, which is six-tenths of a mile of a crushed stone surface, was completed to Kimball's ice cream stand in September. Only a small section between the library and School Street, past the rotary ...more


Election Results in Carlisle


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