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Friday, November 5, 2004


Carlisle Comments Fall effects

Blam! The door slams, a sharp crack on a Saturday morning. I stomp down the stairs, arms folding, angry — "You should be taking the cards to the mailbox, not me" — I fume loudly. Ten steps further, thoughts flying, I realize, of course, it's not the cards, it's the frustration at doctors, their drugs and the side effects and not listening to me when I say the new drugs are bothering me. I am sick of doctors, sick of side effects, sick of... something catches my eye as I march, something bright yellow and red. A maple leaf, smallest one I've seen, blazing, blasting with red and yellow. I slow to a walk. A few steps more and I'm amazed; the treasure is revealed, a host of small leaves, feisty yellow and red, glistening with the morning rain, lying on brown pine needles. I stop

without thinking and look for patterns, a bit red and very yellow or colors equal or very red with little blazes of yellow. The snowflakes of the fall, no two alike. I wander to the end of the driveway, put the envelopes in the mailbox, and walk slowly looking, looking, past the leaves. I notice purple mushrooms. Purple? I don't remember purple mushrooms. The raspberries circle them, leaves still green, our many oak trees protecting us from the killing frost neighbors have had. I come close to the house, picturing the hug, the apology I'll give. The understanding I'll receive. I pass the species mums, blooming as they gave up waiting for the frost that usually spurs them on. I am calm. Side effects experienced on a rainy fall day can be overcome by a walk down the driveway in Carlisle.

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