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Friday, October 29, 2004


This year, it's not as easy to tell that it's time for Halloween just by looking around. Usually by this time the trees have lost their leaves and their bare, black branches reach up like skeletal fingers into a sky streaked with scudding clouds. This year, however, we have enjoyed the longest, most spectacular foliage season in recent memory. There is still ...more
This is the third in a series of weekly articles on the Savoyard Light Opera Company, which will perform The Secret Garden, its last show in Carlisle, from November 12 to 21 in the Corey Auditorium. Due to space constraints in the Carlisle School, the 30-year-old troupe (which began in Maynard and moved to Carlisle in 1988) is forced to seek a new ...more
A national election always pulls in more voters to the polls. This year many Carlisle residents will vote for the next president, but they will also have the opportunity to cast their votes on a controversial local issue: Should the town be able to issue licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages in town? Should such a license pertain only to the purchase ...more
Name: Witches Broom is the name given to the dense cluster of twigs or shoots arising from a common point, that can occur on a wide variety of woody plants and trees. ...more
Hmm. Very interesting. When we ran a series of photographs a few weeks ago and asked what they had in common, other than being shot in picturesque locations in Carlisle, not one person responded. Nobody. Either no one felt inspired to write and share their knowledge, or they were too busy watching the Red Sox win the ALCS, or... perhaps residents aren't fully ...more
The Kyoto Protocol on climate change is an international agreement setting targets for countries to cut their greenhouse gas emissions (mostly carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels). Scientists agree that these gases are responsible for global warming - the rise in global temperature that may have catastrophic consequences for life on Earth. The agreement, ...more
The CCHS four-man show Forever Plaid opened in Carlisle's Corey Auditorium last weekend with shows both Friday and Saturday evening (the first time a CCHS show has been performed in Carlisle). Forever Plaid was a 1990s off-Broadway smash hit, based on a story written by Stuart Moss. With the Red Sox scheduled to play the first game of the World ...more

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