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Friday, October 29, 2004


Carlisle to participate in Pesticide Awareness Project with six towns

The town of Carlisle will participate in a year-long, multi-town pesticide awareness project, funded by a grant from the Toxics Use Reduction Insitute at UMass Lowell. Project manager Elaine Major of the Westford Water Department successfully obtained full funding for this ambitious project that will include the towns of Acton, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Concord, Littleton, and Westford. The overall purpose of the project is to bridge pesticide and human health awareness with water resource protection.

Chris Chin and Delaine Williamson, members of the Carlisle Pesticide Awareness Group, will work with Major to implement the Carlisle part of the project. They will work with the Board of Health and participating local nurseries to provide free workshops to local residents about organic lawn alternatives. The grant will also be used to distribute printed materials such as brochures, posters, "Safe Lawn for Play" flags, turf management plans, and signs.

The project goals are to build public awareness about pesticides, improve communication among Town Departments regarding pesticide use reduction, and provide safer alternative methods for lawn care with the overall goal of reducing pesticide use on a regional scale. It is anticipated that residents and local governments will reduce their annual pesticide use when they better understand the environmental and human health impacts from toxic chemicals routinely applied to lawns and recreation fields. In addition to the health impacts to pets and children from skin contact, pesticides can migrate into water resources and contaminate drinking water wells, both public and private.

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