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Friday, October 22, 2004


When Raymond H. Dutton was born on East Street on June 1, 1905, Theodore Roosevelt was President of the United States, Carlisle homes and barns were illuminated by kerosene lamps, only about 500 people lived here, and the first Old Home Day was still seven years away. ...more

This is the second in a series of weekly articles on the Savoyard Light Opera Company, which will perform The Secret Garden, its last show in Carlisle, from November 12 to 21 in the Corey Auditorium. Due to space constraints in the Carlisle School, the 30-year-old troupe (which began in Maynard and moved to Carlisle in 1988) is forced to seek a ...more

Name: Circus cyaneus or Northern Harrier. An older common name is the marsh hawk. I can't find any references that explain the scientific name of circus (meaning circle). Cyaneus means blue and the U.K. Hawk Conservancy reports common names for male harriers as blue hawk, blue kite, blue-sleeves — among other names — ...more

Drilling, processing, refining and transportation of gasoline are not generally ecologically beneficial, but some companies do these operations better than others. Consumers may also want to support the best companies when filling up the tank. (By the way, high-octane gas is best avoided because it requires more oil for production without resulting in any ...more

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