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Friday, October 22, 2004


ConsCom OKs house on difficult lot

It took two lively public hearings, but applicant James P.Byrne and his engineer George Dimakarakos finally extracted a go-ahead from the Conservation Commission for construction of a single-family house on Tophet Road.

The house, which was described as "95 percent in the buffer zone" by Commissioner Diane Troppoli, "over-size for the site" by Commissioner John Lee and "too close to the rim of a steep slope" by Commissioner Tom Schultz at the initial hearing on September 28, brought a series of demands from the board. They were:1. reduce the size of the house and move it back from the rim of the hill, 2. prepare a landscaping plan to stabilize the slope, preserving a deteriorating stand of apple trees, as possible, 3. draft a detailed construction sequence and, 4. "convince us that the resulting plan will not cause serious harm to the wetland." Dimakarakos accepted the challenge, promising to remedy all the problems cited by the commission.

As good as his word, the engineer returned October 14 with a plan that pushed the footprint for the dwelling back from the edge of the slope and reduced its dimensions. To stabilize the site he proposed a five-foot berm that would improve drainage while allowing the contractors to leave the critical tree stumps in place until new plantings could take over the task. In conclusion, Dimakarakos produced a detailed construction sequence.

Mollified, the commission accepted his revisions. At the behest of Chair Roy Watson, members added a requirement that the owner supply a pre-approved landscape plan that should include a substantial line of "no disturbance" between the driveway and the wetland, ideally a stone wall. The documentation must be submitted on or before Stage 3 of construction. Thus conditioned, the application was accepted pending final Planning Board approval.

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