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Friday, October 22, 2004

Mosquito coverage misleading

To the Editor:

The Mosquito article about the second Benfield Planning Day was negative about a ball field on the Benfield property. This surprised me because at the first planning day the mood was of compromise and general understanding of the needs of both housing and recreation in Carlisle. At the end of the first meeting the feedback to the Task Force was to move forward.

The Mosquito quoted residents in attendance at the meeting. All but one of the attendees quoted live on or near South Street and have continuously brought up his or her abutter concerns. The Mosquito neglected to mention that two of the people quoted were appointed by the Board of Selectmen to present a non-biased recommendation to the town. The Mosquito also neglected to share that the reporter also could be considered an abutter because he lives on Heald Road, which abuts South Street.

The Mosquito's description of a sports Mecca shows the bias with which this article was written. Carlisle Recreation has listened to abutter concerns about traffic and has offered to look at the way games and practices are scheduled to respond to potential issues.

The Mosquito also neglected to remind readers that the property is 45 acres large. The town voted to purchase this property for conservation, recreation and housing for two million dollars with Community Preservation funds. The town voted to site recreation (one field) and housing (26 units). Twenty-three acres of this property is in permanent conservation. As a taxpayer and a person who supported the purchase of this property for all three uses, I do not think that is a lot to place on that parcel of land.

I find it sad that an abutter would consider a single field on 45 acres of property to be a threat to the tranquility and way of life in Carlisle. Since when is the sound of children playing a nuisance?

I believe the Mosquito unfairly represented the majority of residents who would not oppose placement of playing fields on the Benfield Property.

Maureen Tarca
Chair, Carlisle Recreation
Partridge Lane

Barn inspections

To the Editor:

Every year at this time the state requires that all livestock be inspected. This is just a quick and painless check and tally but has to be done, so I'll see you all soon.

I do believe Carlisle has the most pampered animals in the nation and I'm pretty proud to be part of this group. We are all lucky.

You can e-mail me at: with any concerns.

Sally Lakness
Carlisle Inspector of Animals
Cranberry Hill Lane

Cory Atkins supports business

To The Editor:

As an investor in businesses in Massachusetts, I know the importance of support from our State Legislators. Cory Atkins has long been a sensible supporter of business. She understands that Massachusetts is primarily a knowledge-based economy where job growth is dependent upon education.

Cory is the House Chair of the Science & Technology Caucus, a 260-member collaboration among legislators, business people and educators. The caucus was the architect of the recently enacted $100 Economic Stimulus Bill which, among other measures, provides innovative financing for technology development companies. Rep. Atkins was active in formulating this bill, in seeing it through, and in voting for its passage.

Cory's common-sense approach to delaying the rollback of the state income tax from 5.3% to 5.01% until our economy has demonstrably turned upward is an example of fiscal prudence. Cory's position is supported by the conservative Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation even though her position is deemed anti-business by the Associated Industries of Massachusetts.

I like a state representative who votes on issues, not just on doctrine.

Grant Wilson
Concord Street

Vote for Doug Stevenson

To the Editor:

Those of you who know me, know that I am quiet in a political discussion. But on this one I have to speak out.

Doug Stevenson was my son's Scout leader back in the mid-'80s. Long before he had children and would normally be recruited to leadership, he was leading! He wanted to make a positive impact on our kids and their development.

Since then I have watched Doug make a huge impact in our town. Clear-headed and fair, devoting so much time to the town of Carlisle, to understanding the issues, the people and promoting team efforts, all the while holding down a day job and raising triplets with his wife! As a Carlisle native myself, and product of the local schools, I also appreciate that Doug has grown up here and knows this area from the inside. In many ways we will miss him here on the local front.

You may be like many others in our towns who are supporting Kerry at the national level, but regardless of your political persuasion, a smart, proactive, ethical representative is the person that we should want on Beacon Hill. My experience tells me that Doug is that person.

I'll be voting to send our Doug Stevenson to represent the district on Beacon Hill, and I encourage you to get out on November 2 and vote for Doug too!

Peg Palmer
Concord Street

Blanket donations sought

To the Editor:

Once again our family will be collecting blankets for Solutions-At-Work, an arm of the Cambridge Homeless Coalition, and for a family homeless shelter in Central Square. Blankets can be dropped off from now until the end of February (well, actually-year round) in our barn at 39 Baldwin Road. New or used blankets, coverlets, quilts, and comforters are welcomed! Thanks!!

The Petrie Family
Baldwin Road

Fargo and Atkins voted to end constitutional convention

To the Editor:

During the debate over same-sex marriage in the beginning of this year, 76 legislators, including Susan Fargo and Cory Atkins, twice voted to close down the constitutional convention without any amendment (by voting no on the sixth and ninth votes or otherwise indicating their support for same-sex marriage). This group included the core supporters of same-sex marriage opposed to letting the people vote.

Susan Fargo and Cory Atkins are proud of their record on this matter. But I want my legislators to give me a chance to vote. If questions on bilingual education, money for drug treatment and even leghold traps for animals can be on the ballot, surely something as momentous as changing the definition of marriage should be on the ballot as well.

Madeleine Prendergast
Stearns Street

Thank you for your kindness

To the Editor:

I wish to thank all the lovely people who remembered me with visits and cards for both my birthday and while I was a patient at the Concord Rehab Center. Your kindness was greatly appreciated.

Anna P. Johnson
Westford Street

Fargo and Atkins support environmental legislation

To the Editor:

We wish to thank Senator Susan Fargo and Representative Cory Atkins for their excellent records on environmental health legislation. Both legislators actively supported three initiatives to protect our health from the effects of toxic chemicals:

• An Act for a Healthy Massachusetts would have created a program to replace toxic chemicals with safer alternatives, beginning with ten of the worst toxic chemicals.

• The Safer Alternatives Analysis Budget Amendment would have funded a study of alternatives to ten of the worst toxic chemicals used in Massachusetts.

• The Mercury Products Bill would have phased out the use of mercury-containing products and kept them out of incinerators, landfills and the environment.

Regrettably, these measures did not pass. Scientific evidence increasingly indicates that toxic chemicals are contributing to a host of chronic diseases and disorders, including asthma, cancer and learning and behavioral disabilities. There is a deplorable lack of testing of the chemicals to which we are exposed, including those found in common household and lawn care products.

Senator Fargo and Representative Atkins understand that our health is linked inextricably to the health of our environment. We applaud their leadership in trying to reduce the manufacture, distribution, and use of toxic chemicals.

Chris Chin
Hemlock Hill Road
Delaine Williamson
Milne Cove Road
Carlisle Pesticide Awareness Group

Doug Stevenson supports open-space preservation

To the Editor:

For over seven years, I've had the pleasure to work with Doug Stevenson on open-space preservation and to observe him as a public leader. In that brief time, Carlisle has added over 600 acres of permanently protected, publicly accessible open space. Doug has led or actively supported many of these initiatives, including the addition of the 129-acre O'Rourke Farm on the Concord River to Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, and preservation of the Wang-Coombs corn fields, expanding protected land around Great Brook Farm State Park.

Doug comes to these matters with the enthusiasm of an outdoorsman who has climbed all the 4,000-footers of New Hampshire, and participated in and led Boy Scouts. When there is a sheepherding event, or a trail walk through Estabrook Woods, Doug invariably shows up with one or more of his triplets in tow, who are already crazy about camping.

From personal experience I can tell you Doug always approaches issues with total personal integrity, a willingness to be convinced by solid reasoning, a genuine concern and respect for people, their feelings and problems, and plain old hard work. It is a real pleasure to come across a public official who is businesslike, but understands that government isn't business, who does his homework and asks probing, intelligent questions, who is idealistic but not an ideologue, and who refuses to be cowed.

On November 2, please join me in voting for Doug Stevenson to be our State Representative.

Greg Peterson
Indian Hill

Consider Cory Atkins' voting record

To the Editor:

It's almost a cliche that our state government is hampered by patronage and by votes made out of loyalty to the House leadership rather than out of support for constituents' needs. But for the last five years we in Carlisle and neighboring towns have been blessed with a state representative who refuses to adhere to the party line. Cory Atkins votes according to the substance of each bill itself, not according to the wishes of its sponsors.

Cory has one of the most independent voting records in the House. In fact, during this term, she voted with the Democratic leadership less often than any other member voted with his or her party.

Cory is a founder and Leadership Development Chairperson of the House Democratic Council, an independent reform group that encourages legislative debate, offers leadership training to House members, and provides representatives with full access to the impartial information they need to make informed decisions — something that the House leadership has been reluctant to do. She was a leader in defeating excessive bonuses for legislators loyal to Speaker Finneran and she filed legislation against excesses in the state retirement system. She has worked for equitable, patronage-free funding of the Massachusetts courts and she supported funds for updating the State House's antiquated technology in order to give constituents rapid access to the legislative process through its web site.

When Cory voted to support the Clean Elections Law, Common Cause of Massachusetts said, "Representative Cory Atkins stood up for principles of independent government, competitive elections, and responsiveness to the voters." The same organization has called the legislature's upgraded web site "one of the most important portals for citizen involvement in, and understanding of, their government."

Cory's opponent states that if he loses, "It will be business as usual" on the Hill. Quite the contrary! If you want a representative whose votes can't be bought, return Cory Atkins to the State House on November 2!

Nancy Garden
Ember Lane

Thanks for making the Spaghetti Supper an incredible success

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Carlisle Class of 2007, we would like to thank everyone who helped make the Sixth Grade Spaghetti Supper an incredible success.We were able to raise a significant amount of funds for the class, which will surely benefit these sixth graders throughout their middle school years.The funds will be used to help pay for field trips, including the three-day team building experience of "Outdoor Education," 7th grade play expenses, 8th grade graduation expenses and class gifts to the school.We want to thank the businesses here and in our surrounding towns for supporting our sixth graders, because they feel part of the Carlisle community.Many stores and businesses generously donated terrific raffle items as well as food, drinks and gift certificates for this year's Supper.A special mention goes to Pastene and Piantedosi Companies, who have donated all of our pasta, most of our sauce ingredients, grated cheese, and bread over the past several years.In addition, we are very grateful to the many families, who together with local merchants, made it possible to raffle over 100 gifts, including those for our Golden Raffle, which was a huge success, and lots of fun. We hope the raffle winners are enjoying these great prizes!

Because of the outstanding efforts of our talented committee chairs and committee members, the evening went very smoothly. The food was excellent, the kitchen was humming; the raffle was running; and the cafeteria looked terrific. Thanks to the school and the kitchen staff that supported us, behind the scenes.In addition, we'd like to thank the sixth grade students who rose to the occasion, donning red aprons and boutonnieres, to serve the community with smiles and courtesy. You did a wonderful job!Finally, thank you to everyone who attended the Supper, waiting in line for what must have seemed a long time.The town wide support for the event is amazing and we know it makes the children feel very special.

Pam Blair, Lauren Bakewell and Ginny Lamere
Carlisle Class of 2007, Spaghetti Supper Co-Chairs

Why I will vote Democrat

To the Editor:

I just received more mail from the Massachusetts Republican Party opposing Susan Fargo, and that reminds me of one more reason why I vote Democrat and prompts me to speak out. Each piece has the same unflattering picture of Senator Fargo, and statements that are false. There is no platform, only trashy misinformation and character assassination. I don't want the authors and the organization that would do this running my state or speaking for me.

More than that, I believe Senator Fargo has done an outstanding job. She listens to her constituents, and has the courage of her convictions. I know what she stands for, and I want her to continue speaking for me. And I can say the same for Cory Atkins.

Even if I wanted a change, I could not support a party that slanders others and represents, I believe, a very negative attitude towards our society. I want good government. I want traffic lights put up before white crosses mark a tragedy. I want dignified health care for all. I want shelter for the homeless. I cannot support those who only preach that our legislators are bad people that is manifestly false, and we'll never have good government from people with only a negative message.

We will always have government — I'll keep voting for those who seek good government.

Philip Mahler
Rutland Street

Vote for Doug Stevenson

To the Editor:

I enthusiastically endorse Doug Stevenson for State Representative for the towns of Carlisle, Concord, Acton, and Chelmsford. As Selectman in Carlisle he has consistently shown the common sense, good will, and good judgment that we need in our state legislature. More important than anything else is his pledge to change the culture of Massachusetts politics. As long as Massachusetts is a one-party state, its voters — all voters, both Republican and Democratic — are largely disenfranchised because representatives of the dominant party — always able to count on re-election — feel little need to be responsive to the electorate. In Doug, we have a chance to elect a compassionate and sensible representative who can help lead the state away from the mindless conformity that has so long trapped Massachusetts politics.

Philip Drew
Bedford Road

Community Chest thanks Pumpkin Festival sponsors and volunteers

To the Editor:

Thanks to fall breezes, sunshine, hundreds of pumpkins and the support of many local businesses and volunteers, the Third Annual Pumpkin Festival organized by the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest in conjunction with the Concord Recreation Department was a resounding success. The Pumpkin Festival Committee would like to recognize and thank our many sponsors who made the day the success that it was, including The Thoreau Club, Camp and Outdoor Center; Middlesex Savings Bank; RE/MAX Walden Country; Kussins, Inc.; Perceptions; Sit 'N' Bull Pub; Verrill Farm; Carlson GMAC Real Estate; Spaulding and Co.; Bouquets and Baskets of Wayland; Charles J. Cappetta, DDS; The Concord Bookshop; Concord Lumber; Concord Outfitters; Crosby Design; Dunkin' Donuts of Thoreau Street; Floor Play; Gaining Ground; Marshall Farms; Sally Ann Food Shop; Dave Sanderson and Young Life; This Old House; The Toy Shop of Concord; and Walden Mortgage. Thank you for all you do to support the Community Chest's work in our communities. And to the hundreds of volunteers and their families — we could not have done it without you. Thank you.

Sarah Newton
Monument Street, Concord
Concord-Carlisle Community Chest Pumpkin Festival Co-chair

Vote for Susan Fargo

To the Editor:

As a retired business owner and supporter of Senator Susan Fargo, I was curious about Mr. Littlefield's statement that AIM had given her a 44% rating. So I visited the AIM web site where I discovered that AIM made the rating based on only nine (9) votes. No Senator got more than a 77% rating, even the Republicans. Susan voted with all the Republicans on four of those votes and with at least one Republican on two others. Among the votes which the AIM selected, Susan voted to enact the Economic Stimulus Bill and to establish a Rainy Day Fund. After reviewing her votes on the AIM's web site, I could find no reason to vote for her opponent.

Susan has been involved in many issues that affect business. She was a mover of Energy Deregulation and she was the author and co-sponsor the workplace smoking ban. Other examples can be found on her web site,

Senator Susan Fargo has my vote.

Cynthia Schweppe
School Street

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