Friday, October 22, 2004

VINE TIME. Carlisle cranberry grower Mark Duffy rides a beater as this year's harvest gets underway. Once knocked free of the flooded vines, the berries float to the surface and are gathered. For more photos see pages 14 and 15. (Photo by Ellen Huber.)
The Board of Appeals (BOA) has modified a controversial decision to permit building a large house on a non-conforming 1.3-acre lot on Westford Street. On advice of Town Counsel, the BOA has modified its original decision by adding conditions on the project, limiting the total area of the proposed new house to no more than 50% greater than the total floor area ...more

At an emergency meeting on Tuesday morning, the Board of Selectmen cancelled the Fall Town Meeting and the Town Election, scheduled for November 9 and 16, respectively, when it became clear that one of the Warrant Articles — a request for additional funds for the school wastewater treatment facility — could not be firmed up. ...more

With a week and a half to go before the election, the Fargo-Thibault race for the Third Middlesex senate seat is running hot. John Thibault, a Republican from Chelmsford, says Senator Susan Fargo is relaxing CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) criminal checks for people who work with children and other dependent persons. Fargo, a Democrat from Lincoln, ...more

Absentee ballots now available

Registered voters who will not be able to vote at the polls in the election on Tuesday, November 2, can obtain absentee ballots until noon on Monday, November 1, at the Town Clerk's office, in Town Hall on Westford Street. Citizens can also request application forms and ballots for themselves and immediate family members by mail (Town Clerk, 66 Westford Street) or by telephone (1-978-369-6155). Absentee ballots must be returned to Town Hall in person or by mail by 8 p.m. on November 2.

Town Hall closed to other business

Citizens are reminded that on Election Day, November 2, Town Hall will be open for voting only. All other offices in Town Hall will be closed.

Many hands are needed for boardwalk construction project

The River Trail is one of the most beautiful walks in Carlisle, running for miles along the Concord River through the Foss Farm conservation land, Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, and the Greenough conservation land. Its full use has been limited to winter and droughts by two large wetlands crossings ... more

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