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Friday, October 15, 2004


Michael Johnson was having a little trouble with his Ed Sullivan impression. He tried gamely to mimic the hunch-shouldered, purse-lipped delivery of the legendary "really big shoe" variety hour host as it was demonstrated for him, but he couldn't help looking puzzled. ...more

Carlisle's new assistant principal settles in
He's a teacher, an educational theorist, and (don't tell!) a New York sports fan
At various points during the five years Michael Giurlando spent as an elementary school teacher, his students overturned a pile of plastic bottles on his head, threw cream pies at him, and in one particularly well-publicized event, shaved his hair. And that list includes only the things he invited them to do. ...more

Two school nurses care for the physical, mental and emotional well-being of Carlisle's students
At 7:45 a.m., just as buses begin disgorging streams of middle school students into the Wilkins Building for the start of classes, Kathy Horan and Lori Desjardin usually have their first customers. Someone woke up with a sore throat; another is bothered by a pulled muscle from the previous day's soccer practice. By 9 a.m., a kindergartner might show up with ...more

The first in a series about the Savoyard Light Opera Company, which will perform its last show in Carlisle — The Secret Garden — from November 12 to 21 in the Corey Auditorium. The group is forced to seek a new home after 16 years in Carlisle. ...more

In the last month I must have stared at the photograph a hundred times. A handsome middle-aged man with glasses, wearing a beret-like cap and smoking a pipe stands next to a blazing fire in a wood stove. Horseshoes line the wall to his right and various tools lie on a small table. ...more

Name: The blue-spotted salamander, or Ambystoma laterale, is a member of the mole salamander family of species, all of which occur in North America. ...more

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