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Friday, October 15, 2004


Shorts from the Board of Health, Oct. 7

155 Davis Road. As additional living space in their basement is being completed, the Board of Health (BOH) gave Eric and Seema Peterson of 155 Davis Road a choice: upgrade the existing septic system or place a deed restriction on the property. The Petersons were represented by their builder, Dan McAllister.

BOH Agent Linda Fantasia simplified the board's recommendations by explaining that any increase in the number of rooms would exceed the capacity of the existing septic system. The deed restriction would prohibit any further house expansion. McAllister departed to inform the owners of their options.

Geographic Information System. Planning Board Chair Louise Hara explained that a Geographic Information System (GIS), an electronic map of the town with overlays of roads, common driveways, etc., is being proposed for the town. Hara is meeting with all land use boards to solicit their opinions on the utility of such a system. She explained that a GIS website would be tailored to meet the needs of boards and departments. The data could be used, for example, to locate a flood hazard district and wetlands. BOH member Michael Holland was "concerned over costs to upgrade the system and the potential benefit of centralizing a town system with that of GIS mappings."

Warning to food vendors. BOH Chair Martha Bedrosian reminded citizens of possible health hazards of foods prepared in home kitchens and offered for sale. She urged all vendors to take necessary precautions and contact the Board of Health for guidelines.

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