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Friday, October 15, 2004


Shorts from the Board of Selectmen, October 12

Tribute to Helen Flannery. Chair Tim Hult of the Board of Selectmen began their October 12 meeting with a tribute to Helen Flannery. The mother of David Flannery, Carlisle's Fire Chief, Mrs. Flannery died this past week after residing on Concord Street in Carlisle for 49 years. Hult said, "She raised five children, and they, in turn, cared for her during the last few years so that she could remain at home." He praised David Flannery for his dedicated service to the town and offered regrets from all members of the Board of Selectmen on the loss of his mother.

Andreassen lot right of first refusal. Carl Andreassen of Cross Street recently withdrew six acres of land (Parcel 47 landlocked lot) from Chapter 61B (recreation) with the intent to sell to developer William Costello for the sum of $300,000. The Town of Carlisle has the right of first refusal for 120 days from the date of notice during which it is allowed to purchase the land. All the various boards and committees (Planning Board, Recreation Commission, etc.) were duly notified of the impending sale and none showed any interest, so the Selectmen voted 3-0 to not exercise their right of first refusal.

Town Meeting Warrant. David Chaffin, chair of the Carlisle Historic Commission, and Caren Ponty of the CPA Committee, appeared before the Selectmen to request that an additional article be placed on the Warrant for the November 9 Town Meeting. Chaffin would like to see the transfer of $4,800 from the historic portion of the CPA funds to allow a preliminary survey of the town's historic sites. Chair Tim Hult was reluctant to add any routine funding articles in the Warrant and "turn the Fall Town Meeting into another Spring Town Meeting." Member Deb Belanger also indicated other possible uses of the historic funds, such as burying the utility wires in the town center, which should be decided in the larger forum of the Annual Spring Town Meeting.

Chaffin lamented the fact that such a budget cycle would delay their efforts by a year, and he eventually found some sympathy from the board. The Selectmen finally relented and agreed by a vote of 4-0 (John Ballantine having arrived from another meeting) to add a fourth article to the Warrant to cover the fund transfer. They then voted 4-0 to close the Warrant in preparation for the November 9 Town Meeting and November 16 election.

Greenough cottage. Regarding a recent attempt by the Conservation Commission to give the Greenough cottage back to the Selectmen, Chair Tim Hult responded, "The Board of Selectmen does not have to take it." ConsCom Chair Roy Watson had earlier drafted a formal letter to the board in an attempt to return responsibility for the decaying building to the BOS, but Hult was not about to catch the hot potato. He and member John Ballantine agreed to meet with ConsCom to try to resolve the issue.

Fireworks. Dave Reed notified the Selectmen that the general sentiment from the town citizenry and Fire Chief David Flannery is positive for a fireworks display next Fourth of July. Members were pleased with Reed's efforts and plan to keep the ball rolling at their next meeting.

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