Friday, October 15, 2004

WHO SHRANK THE FURNITURE? Parents listen to first-grade teacher Sandy Walker during Parents' Night at the Carlisle Public School last week. (Photo by Mike Quayle)
Momentary outages may be a thing of the past

I had almost forgotten that my old VCR starts flashing "12:00" after a power failure, but during the summer I kept getting reminded. Why wasn't I noticing the lights going out? Evidently most of these outages were very short. ...more

On Tuesday, the Board of Selectmen voted 4-0 to appoint Barbara Bjornson of 38 Prospect Street to fill the vacancy on the Finance Committee due to the recent resignation of Bret Bero. Bjornson, with a background in financial management, will serve the remainder of Bero's term which ends at the close of the 2006 Annual Town Meeting. This brings the FinCom back ...more

The Massachusetts State Laboratory confirmed a case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) in a domestic animal in Carlisle on October 8. EEE is a mosquito-borne illness, which has been on the rise recently in Eastern Massachusetts. According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) the risk of transmission of EEE virus is greatest in August and ...more

Michael Johnson was having a little trouble with his Ed Sullivan impression. He tried gamely to mimic the hunch-shouldered, purse-lipped delivery of the legendary "really big shoe" variety hour host as it was demonstrated for him, but he couldn't help looking puzzled. ...more
The Mosquito needs NEW BLOOD! ...more

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