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Friday, October 8, 2004


A stalwart CCHS defense held the Acton-Boxboro Colonials to just 12 points for forty-three minutes. And the Patriots defense was painfully close to finishing the job. But it just wasn't meant to be for CCHS as they attempted to defend Concord High's 52-year-old record for the longest winning streak in high school football. The previous mark of forty straight ...more

Have you ever noticed which shoe you put on first? I always put my left sock on first, and then my left shoe. Then I work on my other foot. The TV show with Archie Bunker had a whole bit about putting on a shoe and a shoe, or a shoe and a sock. It got me to thinking about all the little "hidden habits" we have. ...more

Where in Carlisle was this series of photographs taken? They have something in common. Do you know what that might be? Can you pinpoint where these photos were taken? ...more

Long before you reach the Lord of the Rings Exhibition at the Museum of Science, you face the statues of the Argonath. If you saw the first movie of the trilogy, you'll recall this pair of statues, each with an arm raised in warning, sort of like The Supremes (without Diana Ross) singing "Stop in the Name of Love." Though they don't tower ...more

78 Great Road ...more

In late September and early October the fragrance of wild grapes enhances our walks and signals that it is time to gather grapes for grape jelly. These local grapes are known as Fox Grape and are also called slip-skin grape, because the tough skins of the ripe grape slip off easily from the flesh of the grape — which is exactly how we eat them. ...more

William Callahan, Minuteman Regional High School Superintendent, welcomed three new faculty members to Minuteman this September, saying, "each brings solid experience, innovation and enthusiasm to their new roles. We are fortunate to have them join our teaching ranks." Carrie Wootton joined the math faculty; Judy Logue is the new Health Occupations ...more

"To the right!" ...more

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