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Friday, October 8, 2004


Shorts from the Historical Commission, September 28

75 Westford Street. Architect Tim Hess of the architectural firm of Walter Platt appeared on behalf of Donna Krapf to present drawings and concept plans for a proposed garage that would be sited close to Church Street. Commission members focused on five areas that require further definition: the windows, copper-finish roof, fence, molding on half-columns on the building facade, and outdoor lighting. Hess reviewed each part of the current plan and the veteran architects on the Commission — Barry Ganek, Larry Sorli, and new member Peter Stuart — offered their expert opinions. While the Commission approved certain designs in each of the five areas, it was clear that Hess would be back for further meetings as plans evolve from the concept stage to detailed construction drawings.

CPA application. Chair David Chaffin has submitted an application to the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) seeking funds for the first stage of a preliminary survey plan of historic and archaeological properties in Carlisle. The Historic Commission asks for a maximum of $8,000 in CPA funding, and it is currently soliciting bids from consultants. If the CPC supports the application, it will present a Warrant Article and motion at the November 8 Special Town Meeting. The last survey of historic assets in town was done in 1994 and in addition to being outdated, it was judged by one consultant to be "not comprehensive enough."

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