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Friday, October 8, 2004

ConsCom thanks Library Director

Dear Angela:

On behalf of the Carlisle Conservation Commission, thank you for writing and organizing the fall program for the Urban Forestry Planning and Education Grant. Your ability to solicit noted speakers and to coordinate activities with other town departments is exemplary, underscoring the purpose of a public library: to inform.

Whether our present forests here in Carlisle are publicly or privately owned, they are a legacy from the past. We must understand the forest environment in order to properly manage it for Carlisle's future residents. We commend you and your staff for your outstanding work.

Roy J. Watson, Jr., Chairman
Carlisle Conservation Commission

Seeking a civil democracy

To the Editor:

One election year, the Mosquito published a picture of two signs on opposite sides of a road, one for one candidate, the other for his opponent. It was a wonderful image of Carlisle, neighbors who disagreed politically and remained civil. I know, because one of those signs was mine.

This year the political image of Carlisle is destruction and intolerance. Someone vandalizes the Democratic Town Committee's signs practically every night. I am outraged and saddened that our town has become less civil.

Cynthia Schweppe
School Street

Senator Fargo should debate

To the Editors:

In the Forum section of last week's Mosquito, Scott Simpson wrote, "Democracy can be messy, confusing and frustrating at times. Still, we have the enormous privilege and responsibility of choosing our leaders." Well put.

As voters, we have the responsibility to examine the candidates and the issues and make an informed decision at the polls. At the same time, our leaders also have a responsibility to inform and to make themselves available to the voters. A centerpiece of that bond between voter and candidate is the opportunity to question the candidates in a free and open debate.

So far one candidate, Susan Fargo, has missed at least two debates — one held by the Concord Forum and the other by the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce (MWCoC). Her opponent for the state senate, John Thibault, was at each debate. So were State Representative candidates Doug Stevenson and Cory Atkins. Why didn't Senator Fargo show up?

The Concord Journal reports that organizers of the Concord Forum debate claim that the senator had accepted their invitiation to the debate only to back out later.

The Mosquito ran an excellent summary of the Stevenson-Atkins Concord Forum debate on September 24th. It's a pity that the voters do not have the benefit of equally useful coverage of the positions of the state senate candidates.

Organizers of the September 20 MSCoC debate were also disappointed when Senator Fargo failed to appear at their forum. A number of members of the Carlisle business community were in attendance. John Thibault was there as well.

The legislature is not in session and Senator Fargo is apparently engaging in other activities. Why can't she find the time to debate?

This month the League of Women Voters and other civic groups will be sponsoring debates. The League, MWCoC and Concord Forum have worked hard to put these events together. As an elected leader, Senator Fargo has an obligation to make herself available and discuss her positions.

Debates can be messy, confusing and frustrating. Yet, they are an integral part of our democratic process. Senator Fargo should take part.

James Bohn
Concord Street

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