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Friday, October 8, 2004


78 Great Road
Bedford, Mass.

Although I still haven't taken off the last two pounds from my summer eating events, it was time to go back to lunch out (what a life). Of course this was only to satisfy the editorial staff, but somebody has to do it.

After a visit in Arlington to the physical therapist, I felt a relaxed lunch was in order, so I stopped off at Ginger, across from the Bedford Common, on the way home. Ginger was the location of another Japanese restaurant a while ago, but now they are under new management and are serving a full menu again.

I am not a sushi fan, but for those of you who do enjoy this, most of the restaurant patrons seemed to be enjoying something from their extensive list. I opted for a "Lunch Box." In the past I always enjoyed their broiled seafood teriyaki, and it proved to be very good. I asked if they had a full bar, but it seems to be only wine and beer. I asked what kind (I didn't see the small sign on the table) and the waitress offered chablis, merlot and chardonnay. I opted for the merlot only to find out after she had left, I might have had plum wine or sake. Next time, that will be my choice.

The "Lunch Box" part of the menu is served with soup, salad and rice. There are extensive choices and I chose the seafood teriyaki ($7.50). It was well prepared and served in a delicious sauce, not too heavy or light. If you prefer don or udon, which are noodle dishes, there are several to choose from at $7.50 to $8. I don't usually have dessert for lunch, but since I was writing this, I felt compelled to indulge. I particularly like ginger ice cream and theirs proved quite delicious.

They are open for dinner every night. For a nice change of pace, this is a local place worthy of your consideration.

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