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Friday, October 8, 2004


Where in Carlisle?

Where in Carlisle was this series of photographs taken? They have something in common. Do you know what that might be? Can you pinpoint where these photos were taken?

Write and tell us where these places are located in Carlisle and why it seemed so logical for us to print their photos together as a group.

Send your thoughts/theories/educated guesses to: The Carlisle Mosquito, P.O. Box 616, Carlisle; leave them at the Mosquito office at 872 Westford Street or in the drop-box at Ferns Country Store in Carlisle center, or send an e-mail message to us at

We'll print the answers and any entertaining responses we might receive in a future edition of the Mosquito.

(Photo by Ellen Huber)

(Photo by Rik Pierce)

(Photo by Rik Pierce)

(Photo by Rik Pierce)

(Photo by Ellen Huber) (Photo by Ellen Huber)


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