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Friday, October 8, 2004


Carlisle Comments:
Hidden Habits

Have you ever noticed which shoe you put on first? I always put my left sock on first, and then my left shoe. Then I work on my other foot. The TV show with Archie Bunker had a whole bit about putting on a shoe and a shoe, or a shoe and a sock. It got me to thinking about all the little "hidden habits" we have.

Do you always sleep on the same side of the bed? This may be more than you really care to know about me, but I always sleep on the left side of the bed and my husband on the right side. Even when we are traveling and each of us has our own king sized bed, we still automatically sleep on our regular sides. Once in a motel, we started off on the "wrong" sides, and I couldn't sleep. We had to switch in the middle of the night. My husband doesn't have these problems.

When I am playing tennis, I usually insist on playing with the winning ball until I lose a point, and then I switch balls. My husband and I always sit opposite each other at the table. The hostess will often place the table settings on adjacent sides, and we always move them. When we go someplace, I usually drive to wherever we are going, and he drives home.

Surely, we can't be unique. I know some people only like to sit in the last row of a theatre, others like the front row. We go to specific restaurants for specific meals. I don't think that is very weird. Why go someplace and not order what you like best there? I know a woman who will only buy a red car. She is older than I and just recently bought a new red car. Probably her 9th or 10th.

I grew up having fish on Thursday nights, and baked beans on Saturday night. We had creamed salmon and peas on the 4th of July, ham on Easter, turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Boring, predictable, but strangely secure and comforting.

Surely some of you have your favorite eating places, your favorite clothes, your own particular way of doing things. Sometimes these things go all the way back to our parents and grandparents, but then we call them "Family Traditions." I'll bet that everyone can come up with a few little quirks of their own.

Please tell me that I am not alone in this kind of behavior. We have been known to vary things a little from time to time, but nothing fits like an old shoe.

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