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Friday, October 1, 2004


A man who has been sought for a series of area burglaries, including at least two recent break-ins in Carlisle, and has been the subject of intensive and collaborative area pursuit, was arrested Monday, September 27. ...more

As the board of last resort in granting exceptions to our local zoning bylaws, the Board of Appeals frequently faces tough decisions that are not universally popular. Denial of a variance or permit frequently brings the threat of a lawsuit from a disappointed applicant. This week the BOA learned that it may be sued for granting a special permit, and the ...more

Over the past two weeks, eighteen of thirty-five signs set up by the Democratic Town Committee (DTC) to promote the Kerry/Edwards ticket have been vandalized. Modeled on a well-remembered promotion by Burma Shave in the 1950s, the signs are in a series of four so that together they make a rhyme, for example, "If you think . . . Bush is scary . . . Cast ...more

The Conservation Commission welcomed two diversions from last week's plethora of routine Requests for Determination (RDAs) and Notices of Intent (NOIs) and considered citizens' solutions to Nature's challenges. The first concerned a Trails Committee project and the other the unceasing labors of certain furry, flat-tailed engineers. ...more

At their September 23 meeting the three-member Board of Health (BOH) faced an unusual request: Brook Street homeowner Paul Sheedy requested an emergency permit to trap some industrious beavers whose dams on the Greenough Pond and Pages Brook are raising water levels in the neighborhood and threatening to flood septic systems and wells. (See accompanying articles.) ...more

We in Carlisle are blessed by wilderness surroundings. Hardly a week goes by without an encounter with a deer, fox, owl, beaver, or other wild creature. It is these encounters that make living in Carlisle a truly rural and wonderful experience. Unfortunately though, not all these encounters are beneficial and not all wild creatures can happily co-exist with ...more

A group of about twenty citizens gathered last Thursday evening in the Clark Room at Town Hall, hoping to make sense out of the confusing Comprehensive Permit Law, or so-called "Chapter 40B" legislation that has created so much controversy in Massachusetts cities and towns. Representative Cory Atkins hosted the forum. To present and explain the current ...more

The Carlisle School Committee (CSC) voted on September 22 to adopt district goals for 2004-2005. Goals in place state, "It is our shared and deeply held belief that our students and our entire school community must embrace the concept of civility" and "continue to support the Diversity Task Force...." ...more

Technology update. All the Carlisle School teachers have e-mail accounts and access to the Internet from the classroom. The school now has two mobile labs and needs more technology support. There is a debate about a keyboarding program for the fourth grade. ...more

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