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Friday, October 1, 2004


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, Sept. 22

Technology update. All the Carlisle School teachers have e-mail accounts and access to the Internet from the classroom. The school now has two mobile labs and needs more technology support. There is a debate about a keyboarding program for the fourth grade.

Project Alliance. Carlisle Superintendent Marie Doyle questioned whether the Carlisle School should participate in Project Alliance, an organization that provides programs geared to helping teachers who work with and teach youth groups. Doyle reported that it holds worthwhile workshops enabling teachers to learn about youths at risk and school safety programs.

Carlisle College begins programs. Carlisle School systems thinking mentor Alan Ticotsky, language arts teacher Carolyn Platt and Doyle have developed several courses taught by Carlisle teachers which are open to the school faculty. Several courses that have been developed concern classroom assessment, literacy workshops and the use of the computer.

Math Specialist. Liz Perry is the new math specialist for the elementary grades in the Carlisle school.

Music program expands. Thanks to funds from the Carlisle Education Foundation and Carlisle School Association the enriching chorus and music program taught by music teacher Megan Fitzharris can be expanded.

Home Schooling. Doyle asked the CSC whether Carlisle should invest $500 for a template from the Department of Education on home schooling. Carlisle generally has one or two families who home school their children each year. The CSC suggested that Doyle check the policy of CCHS with its Superintendent Brenda Finn, as well as speak with the administration of schools surrounding Carlisle to learn about their home school policy and programs. Both state and federal laws impact home schooling programs and need to be considered when implementing a policy.

Important dates from the Buzz. The Elementary School Parents' Night is October 7 and the Middle School Parents' Night is October 14. School pictures will be taken on Friday, October 8. The Annual Halloween Parade has been scheduled for October 29 at 10:30 am. The Grade 6 Spaghetti Supper is on October 5. The school is looking for creative and imaginative individuals to share their talents with the Destination Imagination program. The Carlisle House Tour sponsored by the Carlisle School Association will be held on Thursday, October 21.

Next meeting. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 6.

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