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Friday, October 1, 2004


BOH issues beaver trapping permit

At their September 23 meeting the three-member Board of Health (BOH) faced an unusual request: Brook Street homeowner Paul Sheedy requested an emergency permit to trap some industrious beavers whose dams on the Greenough Pond and Pages Brook are raising water levels in the neighborhood and threatening to flood septic systems and wells. (See accompanying articles.)

The term "emergency," said Sheedy, is used because the permit is short-lived — ten days only — and is not meant to imply that there is an imminent threat to public health. Having done his homework, Sheedy proceeded to explain the relevant regulations to the board, which frankly admitted that this is not a problem they face every day. The BOH, he continued, has sole authority over permitting trapping (out of trapping season); the Conservation Commission, his next stop, has the authority to approve breaching of the dams.

Earlier in the week, BOH Administrator Linda Fantasia had made a site visit and confirmed the unusually high water levels in the Maple Street area. After reviewing the information, including a number of large-size photographs of the neighborhood brought by Sheedy, the board determined that a public health and safety risk exists and issued the ten-day trapping permit. BOH member Lisa Davis Lewis complimented Sheedy on his summary. "Good presentation. Very informative," she said.

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