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Friday, October 1, 2004


Carlisle burglar arrested

A man who has been sought for a series of area burglaries, including at least two recent break-ins in Carlisle, and has been the subject of intensive and collaborative area pursuit, was arrested Monday, September 27.

The arrest warrant was issued by Lexington Police for breaking, entering and larceny at two homes in Lexington. It is linked to Carlisle burglaries by fingerprints lifted at a Carlisle site by Carlisle Police. The arrested man is William J. Hayes, 30, of Medford. Hayes was held overnight at the Concord District Court and scheduled for a hearing the next day.

Jewelry, guns, drugs

A search warrant was also issued by Lexington and executed with police from Medford, Acton, Lincoln, Wayland, Concord, Carlisle, Wellesley, Belmont and the Suburban Middlesex County Drug Force. The team went to Hayes' residence in Medford and recovered a veritable trove (400 to 500 pieces) of stolen jewelry, two loaded handguns, 20 knives, and what a Lexington press release described as "significant quantities of narcotics (including heroin) including prescription bottles." They also recovered an assortment of stolen property. This evidence links Hayes with crimes not only in Carlisle, but in Acton, Harvard, Winchester, Wayland and Belmont. Detectives and specialists at the state lab are sorting through all of it. Lieutenant John Sullivan of the Carlisle Police expects there will be additional charges, and probably additional victims identified as the investigation continues. Hayes became familiar with the area and some of the burglarized homes through his work as a painter.

Hayes hearing rescheduled

The Hayes hearing was originally scheduled for the Tuesday morning session in Concord Court, but Hayes became so ill from heroin withdrawal that the hearing was temporarily postponed and a doctor was called. Thc court reconvened at 2 p.m. and Hayes was present after having been examined by the court-appointed physician. Dr. Bellini testified that Hayes has "a serious heroin habit," using about two grams a day, an amount equivalent to about 50 bags of the drug. Bellini stated that Hayes had been using heroin and oxycontin all year. He said Hayes was under "substantial physical stress"and that suicide could be a possibility. Hayes was ordered held without bail for 30 days at the Bridgewater treatment facility. The hearing was set for October 27.

It may be as long or even longer before the victims of Hayes' burglaries learn if their valuables were among those recovered in Medford. The state has a big pile of stolen property to sift through before the stolen items can be identified and the owners determined.

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