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Friday, October 1, 2004

Vote for Stevenson and Thibault

To the Editor:

In five weeks we'll be going to the polls to elect state legislators whom we'll count on to create a more hospitable environment for the growth of area businesses. Our current representatives demonstrate an unwillingness to support businesses, and as a result our state remains a high-cost place to do business. We need to replace our representatives with new ones who strongly support business. Doug Stevenson and John Thibault are ready to do the job we need them to do on Beacon Hill to grow businesses and jobs in our commonwealth.

What are our current representatives doing to support business in our area? Not much. According to a report by the non-partisan Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) representing 7,600 businesses in our state, Carlisle's legislators voted against business about half the time. Representative Atkins voted for business only 56% of the time. Worse, Senator Fargo received a 44% rating from AIM. Voting against business, as our two representatives often do, is bad for the economy and bad for jobs.

In contrast, Doug Stevenson and John Thibault, candidates for State Rep. and State Senate representing Carlisle and Concord, are committed to making Massachusetts more hospitable to business. Both are successful small business leaders who understand the challenges facing entrepreneurs and employers in our state and what it takes to create and grow enterprises. They know what state government can and should do to support businesses and the jobs they create.

There are important issues on the upcoming legislative docket which will affect the business climate in the Commonwealth — regulatory reform, unemployment insurance reform, and, of course, taxes. If Massachusetts is going to cultivate an environment that encourages business and job growth, we will need energetic, articulate supporters of business like Doug Stevenson and John Thibault to help Governor Romney on Beacon Hill. That's why I'm joining many other small business leaders and supporting Messrs. Stevenson and Thibault on Nov. 2, and I would urge all who want business and job growth in our region to do the same.

Bart Littlefield
Crowell Farm Road
(formerly of Fifty Acre Way, Carlisle)

Stop starving the cats and kittens

To the Editor:

This is a plea to the person working for the D.P.W. to please refrain from taking away my feeding bowls that I use to feed the hungry feral kittens at the transfer station.

I notice the person doesn't take away the unsightly mess of clothes that sometimes accumulates outside the Salvation Army boxes. So why do you throw away my dishes? You can hardly notice them when you drive by. I keep them hidden behind the big oil tank.

The kittens are not hurting or bothering anyone. Please let the kittens eat. Most importantly, all the kittens or cats that I feed have been neutered so they cannot reproduce.

Lisa DeLong
Timothy Lane

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